sick bay

i received overflowing comments of concern from my friends when i posted an update of my status over at facebook last week, saying that i was experiencing some chest pains. the pain was tucked underneath the right part of my chest, close to the armpit, and people i knew immediately suggested that i have myself checked. normally i would just ignore these things, but when my batchmate mitch told me that another batchmate of ours suffered a mild stroke in the middle of last year, i decided to walk down to the clinic. i very calmly asked the nurse: do you have an ER here? that sort of gave me priority, although i wasn't necessarily grimacing in pain, except that whenever i took deep breaths, the pain became more profound. the doctor, after a few questions, reassured me that it may not be heart-related. she even asked me if i fell, because she suspected it might be plain and simple muscle pains and prescribed pain killers. she said that if i worried too much about it that i could have an ECG, and i did. the results were a little startling: my heartrate was only between 45 and 48bpm, which is so slow, i could either be a cold-blooded animal, or a super athlete! i took my heartrate several times after that and i was at least in the normal range.

so the pain has walked away over the weekend, although it did feel like it was traveling within the right portion of my chest. my current concern now is a case of the runs. it started at around lunchtime yesterday, and went full-on last night, lasting until late this morning. i think i made more than 10 trips to the john, dropping my face into my palms because of the pain and the frustration that i couldn't expunge all these alien matter upsetting my digestive tracts. now i'm severely dehydrated, imbibing coke, which is like a remedy for cases such as mine (although i just googled it and it seems to be false), as well as water.

i don't get sick often, although last year, beginning in august, i began a long-drawn bout with the common cold. for 3 months, my forced baritone was reduced to a nasal chirp, and i finished boxes of tissue in the space of a week. it got so bad at times that my friends would declare that i should start being serious about the illness and get medical help. but i distrust doctors and their inability to really say what might be wrong with you. i began chugging lots of vitamin C and even berocca at the time, and just before i left for singapore, it seemed to have just gone. just like that.

living a healthy life should really be top priority for me, now that i am approaching an age when i am more vulnerable to illnesses and such.