nindot kaayo: the queen has arrived

to my friends based in manila, can you tell me where you can find the place pictured below?

if not, then you have not recently been to cebu. this is a photo of a new development in ayala center cebu. appropriately named cebu terraces, this area houses several international food establishments, and a number of local cebu names with cosmopolitan themes that sort of remind you of manila (moon cafe, et al.). the design of the terraces actually reminds you a bit of the greenbelt area, particularly of the bridgeway between GB3 and 4, and the restaurants pander to what you'll find in glorietta. i absolutely love wide open spaces, which i realized, much of downtown and metropolitan cebu does not have, so the creation of space, even of an imagined, exaggerated space, is important. i managed to walk around the whole of ayala cebu, vintage of a decade-old design approach, where ryan and i stalked for places of unique interest and spent time talking about career options and increasing personal wealth, and even of the disparity between cebu and manila as well as the notion that for a local brand to be deemed to have arrived, it has to make it in manila (such as in the case of bo's coffee, among others). so anyway, here are more photos of ayala terraces.

also, thanks to ryan, i also got to see the crossroads and banilad town center. at the latter, we stepped inside formo, one of the apparently posh places in cebu, where one goes to see and be seen. many times i was caught staring at these beautiful women dressed to impress, smiling, and they amusingly smiled back at me. in manila, when you're caught staring, you'd either get looked down upon, or worse, beaten up. we also wanted to try vudu, cebu's embassy, supposedly, but the P500 entrance fee encouraged us to step into tapas instead where a local rock band was playing. i also met two batchmates there: janice ian from law school (who keeps telling me: "gi-pugus man nimo ang imong bisaya oy", and emman from AMCI (who also often tells me "kataw-anan man ang imong bisaya").

ryan contemplates the future at formo

at formo with cebuanas... mmmm...

batchmates all: i have it on good authority that janice ian's teenage past was once the talk of the town in cebu | the original mountainer (sic) emman with his friend (?) regine

i haven't the foggiest who these guys are but they asked for their pictures to be taken

spinning at tapas

i really love cebu. i left my heart there. i'm hoping to go back soon, and i hope to find a reason. or maybe, even without one that's clear and convincing, i'd find myself flying again to the queen city of the south.

fuente osmeña circle

at 38 stories, the crown regency is the loftiest structure in all of cebu

sinulog festival at fuente osmeña