getting sick, losing weight

prior to today's short sprint, my last exercise was the 20 minute run i had around the lago del rey at the camsur watersports complex late last december. since the year began, i hadn't managed to lace on my running shoes for a run, as i was in sick bay for two successive weeks and consciously avoided anything physical. however, i did notice that despite these setbacks, i didn't put on too many pounds. earlier this evening, i managed to visit the gym but after a 15-minute run at about 10.2kph, i was already a bit winded and breathless. that didn't disappoint me because i've actually breached the psychological 160lb barrier. i am now 158lbs, with my running shorts, a singlet, and socks on. hahaha. i'm so happy. but andro warns that the weight can come back very quickly, and might even bring along friends, so i will pay more attention to my exercise routine, as well as my diet.
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