an app a day keeps disposal at bay

the weekend before last, i spent about 2 hours at the new krispy kreme in G4 across of breadtalk reading blogs of hackers and upgrading my iPhone's software to 2.2. since i got my unit in september 2007 (yes all you posers out there, i had the iPhone when it was not yet the most ubiquitous gadget on the planet -- in the same way that i already wore white earbuds in november 2003 before the iPod was all the rage -- i'm an early adopter, which isn't always good), i've never bothered to install anything beyond what the default package already offered. once someone asked me what games i had on my iPhone and i said i had nothing. which was true, of course, since i don't really play too many games, and i once almost threw up after watching my brother play "resident evil" for an hour. besides, ever since all these non-mac users decided to claim the iPhone as their own, i've been seriously considering changing phones. i've talked several people out of buying the iPhone because a) battery life sucks; b) its bluetooth is a non-feature; c) it does not send contacts and has no SMS forwarding pre-installed; d) the signal is unreliable; e) the battery can't be user-replaced; f) it's nice to look at, but ultimately, lacks depth; and g) battery life sucks. i told my friend andri that i was pining for the sony ericsson xperia or its nokia rival, the N810, whichever has seamless mac connectivity,

but the iPhone does have its perks as well (outside its sleek profile), and it mainly has to do with my being a mac addict: i can sync my phone with my mac, and they both reflect changes in my calendar, contacts, photos, even saved text messages. and to be honest, this is the only thing that has prevented me from changing units. for some reason, 16 months after i got the iPhone, i never had the desire to upgrade its software, until i realized the need of a dictionary on the fly. of course, iTunes is now available in the philippines so i went online and downloaded a dictionary. trouble was, it required my software to be at least a 2.2. mine was the 1.04, which is something only archaeologists might be interested in. so i asked my friend omar to help me out, and it almost feels as if we're in 2 different countries because our schedules are just unforgiving and we could never meet up. so he suggested that i just DIY my upgrade. and i did.

so during those 2 hours, i read the instructions, downloaded the pwnage package, placed my iPhone on its cradle, and plugged it to my mac. tic toc tic toc. it failed. did i just brick my phone? i wanted to call up omar but i realized, my iPhone was screaming: you ain't on AT&T. did it again. failed again, but realized my mistake: i was using the wrong restore file. so the third time, i installed the correct restore file, and presto, a new phone! at least, it feels like it (the only thing i don't like about it is this pineapple shows up on startup). so now, i've been calmly searching through the iTunes store for free applications and have actually purchased a few. calmly, because i'm not about to cram all 15,000 apps, 99% of which i may not have any use for, into my iPhone. besides, it just has 8GB of memory. and no, i'm not about to go to greenhills to ask someone to load apps onto my iPhone -- that's what non mac users do. i'm such a snob i know.

so far, i've charged about USD10 to my credit card on useful apps like a guide to knots (which is USD3 already -- i'm such a mountaineer). i've also invested on a number of phrase books, maps, and other useful apps (like a flashlight, a unit converter, a ruler). insofar as killing time is concerned, i've only purchased word and geography games, and probably the coolest sudoku software i have ever come across (i know niel will like it and erase my record times effortlessly). aside from that i have the holy bible (KJV, no less), an incomplete works of shakespeare, an adaptation of magnetic poetry, a collection of quotations, and an e-reader, in case i find a good book to read (i'll download "the curious case of benjamin button" because it's by f. scott fitzgerald). and on rommel's recommendation, i also got the brushes app and i hope he or jason or any of my talented friends could paint me a nice picture. so, the iPhone might stay longer than i had expected. it may even reach 20 months. who knows? for now, i'm hooked on making 8-letter words with wordflow, and finding where on the world map you'd find the most obscure of cities in countries i never even knew existed.