going back to basics: letter writing

i said somewhere that 2009 will be a year of reminiscing for me. it will also be a year of going back to basics. i'd like to take it slow and resist the trappings of high technology: unplug, go offline, disconnect, shut down, turn off, dial a rotary phone, photograph with film, revive my father's rickety typewriter, use my fountain pens, lick stamps, send snail mail. i began the year with a visit to the post office actually, when i sent out packages to my friends. and last week, i received andri's package which consisted of a CD of his pictures during his visit last december. and because he found out that i collect foreign currency, he sent me 3 bills of the old slovenian tolar. these are no longer in currency because slovenia uses the euro, which makes them doubly valuable. haha.

yes, that's my normal handwriting

i noticed, since i work with europeans, that they all have similar handwritings

i hope to be able to visit the post office more often, which is just across the street from my building. in 1997, when i first traveled abroad, and no one yet in my family had an email address, i used to send postcards and handwritten letters back home. and when i returned, i collected all those letters and still keep them to this day. i also used to keep correspondence with a few people until the late 90s. there was mervin joseph cunanan, a classmate from high school, with whom i exchanged letters even before he left for the middle east. i also sent homemade cards to friends i made in singapore and malaysia. now, everyone sends out impersonal electronic greetings en massé. i have absolutely no desire to be generic, to fill out templates not my own, to be molded out of a cookie-cutter, so i am definitely going to take down addresses of people and send them postcards. i have tons of paper and all sorts of pens at home, and i might as well put all of them to good use. i so look forward to licking stamps again. i actually once tried to take up philately.
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