the stork express brings another blessing

last saturday, janice, jenny, JC, neri and i drove to clark to attend jacob bayoneta sangil's christening. jacob is janet's second child after jana marie (who is my adorable goddaughter), and we stayed at mimosa from 3:30pm till midnight. janet and jay are producing beautiful offspring so i hope they make more. haha. of course, janet is still the same hitad i've known since 2005, and neither married life nor motherhood has doused her exuberance. here are some photos from the binyag.

3 titas and a tito

the 3 titas doting on my inaanak

mommy janet with baby jacob | jana marie showing off her gossip girl-inspired stockings | baby jacob winces while mommy janet laughs

family photo: jacob, janet, jana marie, jay

tita neri practicing baby handing with jana marie

tita janice makes jacob laugh

my brother sonny is jacob's ninong and they both have big eyes
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