biking at daang hari

over the weekend, janice managed to drag me to alabang and join the send-off ride for roy and orland, who have just left earlier today for malaysia to participate in the ironman triathlon in langkawi this weekend. the ironman is considered to be the toughest triathlon of all, and is a mecca for all triathletes. the ironman triathlon consists of a 2.4 mile (3.9km) swim, 112 mile (180km) bike ride, and 26.2 mile (42.2km) run. orland and roy have been training for the event since last year, and roy, in particular, has shaved off a number of pounds and has piled on the melanin. so early saturday, we were at the mcdonald's behind ATC and started the ride. and i have no idea why i agreed to this in the first place since i have a chunky, bulky mountain bike with wheels the width of my legs. it's simple physics: the heavier you are and the more contact you have with the concrete, you're likely to be slower. so after about 10 minutes, i couldn't even see any of them and i took lonely videos of the road and the many villages being built along the length of daang hari, which is connected to the madrigal business park through an unfinished road which funnels into a two-lane bottleneck. daang hari goes all the way to cavite, and our route actually got us all the way to SM molino.

it was a hot day but there were many bikers on this route. mountain bikes and road bikes were well represented and team david's salon was in training. i also caught a glimpse of team yellow cab and their really nice golden uniforms. after the ride, we went straight to orland's house in BF and had lunch. his wife cooked a fantastic meal which i wolfed down with speed. afterwards, i conducted a brief lecture on photography and the features of their new nikon D90 (orland once called me up to ask about cameras and i prevailed over him to choose nikon over canon, haha!). it was my first time to hold that specific model, but the nikon interface is more or less the same, with just slight differences.

during the lunch, roy asked me why i won't be supporting him in langkawi, when i was present in all his past triathlons (subic, white rock, and anvaya) to cheer and document the event. i can think of many reasons, actually, like i don't want to waste my leave credits, or that i'd prefer to be at the AMCI anniversary considering my recent resurrection. but my reply was terse and succinct: but i can't always be there for you, roy.

immediately after the ride, janice and i went straight to powerbikes to have our rides tuned for this weekend's AMCI anniversary. i also bought a new seat because it turns out that for long rides, a wooden bench is better than a plump sofa. and i am getting 1.9 wheels. maybe after this weekend. or i could just get an entirely new bike. sheesh! upgradonitis sucks.

would you like to swim in my poll?

near the border of las piñas and cavite

practice security

bikes behind janice's temporary ride: a hatchback ford focus

Re: Ultraman, not Ironman ...
well since we are on the subject of which race is the toughest, what about the decatriathlon and quintuple iron triathlon? i just think that those who have done an ironman more than once eventually realize: it's not so tough, so they keep challenging themselves and invent these super endurance races with longer distances spread over several days, it's crazy. maybe i should've said that the ironman is the toughest sane triathlon. haha. whatever.