chaos is just a theory

this must be my year of implementation, because i have grown tired of making plans while life takes place, and have generally just decided to do things and tick off items from my to-do lists of years ago. ever since i moved to makati in the last quarter of 2007, i have always planned to get a shelf where i could place all the stuff that i usually just leave scattered on the floor, or on half of the bed. but i've been put off by the prospect of having to go to the furniture store and haul a shelf all by my self, so it has never happened, and the visitors to my house have all been less-than-mute witnesses to the clutter of my living space.

also, ever since i've started to cook and do the groceries for myself, i've been wanting to get membership at S&R, just to add variety to my everyday ideas and get a regular supply of ben & jerry's ice cream. and although the fort is only less than 10 minutes away, i never got to do it.

so finally, last saturday evening, after i spent the better part of my morning editing videos, i weighed my plans for the evening, and suddenly decided: why not go to S&R. and by so doing, i ticked off both plans because other than some heineken and the ice cream, i ended up buying a DIY rack, which requires absolutely no tools. this is the rack i'd been dreaming of, and last sunday, i was awake till around 2 in the morning (i had gotten back from watching "the watchmen" at midnight) putting the blocks together and putting my things, and probably my life, in order. and just like that i managed to fill up all eight cubes, and free up half of the bed, my table, the top of the refrigerator, and even the floor. haha. so this is how it looks like so far.

best of all is that it's modular, so i can expand/add/reduce/modify blocks/cubes in the future. all that's lacking now is a shoe rack and maybe a stand for my bike. but i'd rather not plan these things nor put a deadline on myself. i just know they're going to happen. so i wonder what else among my many other plans will be implemented this year. that would be interesting to see.
i also bought that kind of modular cubes for (inside) my cabinet to shelve my clothes in, and after maybe a year youll notice they BEND under the weight. of clothing. siguro dahil it's a whole cube of clothes, but i doubt it would weigh more than your heaviest cube residents. hehe, just sharing.

hmmm... that's not a very reassuring thought. haha. oh well, let's see if the cubes survive me. :D