intrepid: a slice of indochina

i have just returned from a vacation that spanned over 12 days and 6 cities in 3 countries. it involved several months of planning, some research, a bit of bravery, and a lot of serendipity. since my departure for what is now my longest journey in terms of length and mileage, i have evolved into a slightly different person. enriched by experience and insight, i am beginning to look at the world through a new set of lenses. whether i will ever find time to process in detail everything that those 290 hours provided me i will know within the next few days. but to satiate those who may be keen on knowing where i've been, here are some photos of my swift travels through mainland southeast asia.

day 1 at the ho chi minh central post office

day 2 at the mekong delta

day 4 at angkor wat

day 7 at the grand palace in bangkok

day 8 at the maesa elephant camp in chiangmai

day 10 at wat rong khun in chiangrai

day 11 outside ta phae gate for the songkran festival in chiangmai
Anong ginagawa mo sa mga elephants? hahahaha :D I wanna do this trip too. I've been to Cambodia and I loved it.
i so loved siem reap and i wanna go back. maybe visit sihanoukville and stay longer in phnom penh as well. but will i survive the traffic?
there u r..
trevel again around..i was wondering where r u? :)

yup. i've been planning this trip since last november! hehe. how are you andri? any travels planned anytime soon? :D