cleaning up my closet

i came back from my southeast asian vacation with at least 15 souvenir t-shirts. about half of that will be part of my wardrobe. but given the state of things, i haven't got much space for t-shirts in my closet: i already have quite a lot left in my parents' house, and not just a few of them languishing in a few boxes somewhere. since i had to make space for the new additions, i decided to get rid of a few ones: old shirts that i no longer wear, or hold no sentimental value for me. they're all in pretty good condition, and can still be worn. i would wear them, except that i think that newer ones should also get laundered sometime, and be given a chance to get old. so now i need suggestions: where do i bring these shirts to find new bodies? i am open to ideas. i could just give them to the folks rummaging through the weekend garbage at the corner, but perhaps others might be in better need of clothing. i know that a series of typhoons have just devastated a number of provinces in the south and near the eastern seaboard. so please do tell me where i could bring my old t-shirts. i can't bring them home to my parents' house because for sure, my mom would hesitate about giving them away. precisely because there's nothing wrong with them. but then again, giving garbage to the poor isn't charity.

so this is how my closet looks like now:

it does look like i have a whole lot of t-shirts, but that is not the case. i often worry that i'm always wearing the same t-shirts, as my photos are sort of repetitions of the same things. but i'm not complaining. at least, i'm blessed with the luxury of selection. i know that not many people have that; there was a time that i didn't.

also, just last weekend, i finally decided to get a shoerack, to pursue my attempts of organizing my little space. i already got the modular shelf recently, and i mentioned that i did want to organize my footwear, which often looks like this:

i am not kidding. this is how my shoes look like on a good day. most of the time, they are scattered in 5 places around my unit. but i happened to walk into make room at rockwell and decided to get a stackable shoerack by merrick. it's all about expandability. i love these inventions. haha. so at least, by going up and organizing, i've increased my floorspace! more room to mess up! this is how my shoes look like now:

i know, i have too many athletic shoes, and not enough leather pairs. and goodness, does anyone have shoes this dirty? i'm an outdoorsman! you should see my hiking boots (which i don't keep here, but in my room at my parents').