servings of indochina

good food is as much an ingredient of great travel, as fantastic places, memorable experiences, and wonderful people. but sometimes, in our desire to be safe and to budget our expenses, we tend to gloss over the variety of local food that's available, or stick to the ones we are familiar with. i have made it a point never to eat at western fastfood places when i travel, particularly when i travel abroad. although jollibee in saigon or KFC in phnom penh or mcdonald's in chiang mai would certainly have something unique in them, the choices are often based on a template, which ideally should be the same across countries. but a taste for adventure and a craving for something that's unique are their own delicious rewards, and i managed to plow through sometimes wonderfully surprising good food at ambulant vendors who have stools for kids to busy canteens to mid-range restaurants offering traditional dishes. and i am also happy that although there is no way i can relate how i thoroughly enjoyed eating in all the places i visited, looking at the photos i have of the food i had is nearly as good as being there, watching me eat, heartily. enjoy the photos!

so, based solely on what you see, which country is the most appetizing?
I'm partial to Vietnamese cuisine, one of my fave dishes. So I go for Vietnam.
Re: Yummy
i love vietnamese noodles and spring rolls. i even brought home a few. didn't know there were already available at some groceries here. hehe.