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hanging out at the ayala cinema lobbies

i've spent much of the last few weeknights and most of my weekend doing recruitment duties at the AMCI photo exhibit: something i didn't get to do last year for obvious reasons, ehem. anyway, i've only installed a few of my own photos as of yesterday because i've been acting like such a diva lately, refusing to share my images until they practically begged. and they almost did, actually. also, i was rather disappointed to find that the images were limited in terms of variety: we wouldn't want people to think that we only climb kibungan and mount pulag. yes, these places are postcard pretty, but we also want to depict the reality: that mountaineering is a perilous albeit exciting activity. so i decided on contributing photos of other mountains and mountaineers in action, just to emphasize what this sport is all about. also, i realized that although i only voluntarily submitted my photos last night, a few of them somehow actually made it to the exhibit (that's it -- i'm never going to share high-resolution photos ever again). so i made sure my contributions had my more-than-obvious watermark on them. haha.

kuya mar leafing through my portfolio at trinoma

i know it sounds really arrogant (what the heck: people already assume that about me), i dare say that i have one of the biggest collections of images of mountains: that's what you get for lugging an SLR (and later a DSLR) to 70 climbs in total. so i know whereof i speak: i have many pictures of adventure to choose from. but i guess here lies the confusion: what is the AMCI's exhibit about? my mentor jay once passed by the exhibit in 2007 and dissed the quality of the photography, and i quickly defended the photos by saying that we weren't displaying our skills as photographers, but rather sharing our adventures. it's hard to have a beautifully composed shot when you're burdened by a 35 pound backpack, with deathly drops on both sides of the trail. you just snap at the view, hoping that its innate beauty, or the whirlwind of emotions you associate with it, would make for a lasting, memorable picture. i agree with ai that given the limited talent (but unlimited thirst for mountaineering), i would have approached the exhibit differently. rather than just ruin photos with double-sided tape, i would have opted to tell a story. but that's just me, thinking outside of my box.

the exhibit at glorietta 4's cinema lobby

the exhibit is currently running at the cinema lobbies of trinoma and glorietta 4. it also had a one-week run at the lobby of greenbelt 3, which with its thin, mostly oblivious expat crowd, hardly had any real action. whereas, on saturday and sunday, we had our hands full at trinoma. i don't know the theme of this year's BMC yet, but more or less, the rewards one reaps from the training are the same: you develop deep friendships with adventurous people because of shared experiences. it doesn't get any better than that. so if you detest your sedentary lives and wish for weekends filled with action in the outdoors, sign up and get ready for a lifetime of adventure. and it begins with AMCI's BMC 2009.

* * *

when my friend mitch mentioned that tartan was in, i had no idea what she was talking about. until i saw these 4 girls at trinoma. now i understand why older people say things like they don't understand the younger generation. when i heard that said about my generation, i never imagined i would myself also say it... and so soon.

* * *

speaking of trinoma, i saw joem bascon there. he just left one of the cinema houses when i approached him for a photo. he was with meryll soriano actually, but i already have a photo with her. hehe. and you know me: i'm jologs. i have an album in facebook dedicated to my brushes with celebrities. like 30 seconds to have a photo snapped qualifies as a brush. haha.
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