circles for 20,000 clicks

recently, i announced that i would hand out a prize to my 20,000th visitor, and about a month back, i announced the lucky winner in this blog. well, the dinner buffet treat did push through and here are photos of the culprits to my return to sub-165lbs.

the buffet was at circles event café in shangri-la makati. it was my 4th time to do this buffet, and although food at circles is always good, it hasn't changed much since my first time, and shang edsa's heat and sofitel's spiral remain backlogs besides. i probably won't treat my 30,000th visitor. maybe my 50,000th! haha. anyway, cheers to good food and great eating!
i think..
it's a very nice gesture on your're too nice.
Re: i think..
haha. i'm not nice at all. not on all levels at least. i can be evil, sinister, scheming, hateful, irrational, irreparable... all that. and maybe even more. haha.