something has gotta give

so i've realized that i cannot fit more than 24 hours into a day, or more than seven days into a week, and that my body needs at least 7 hours of sleep everyday, and many more hours just doing nothing.

i've been reflecting on my weekly schedules and all the things that i want to do, and although i don't really have strict itineraries or appointments outside of work, i have some more-or-less defined activities for most days of the week. tuesday and thursday evenings are allocated for french classes. the entire wednesday evening is spent for AMCI. weekends are for going out of town to pursue my outdoor passions. so given this schedule, i only basically have monday and friday evenings free. since i don't get to relax or to rest during the weekend, i tend to oversleep on mondays: i get home at around 6pm, and would sleep beginning at 7pm. then on fridays, when i get off at 2pm, i would do my groceries, maybe swim a little, do some gym, etc. but until last night, i haven't been to the gym in a month. that's a whole month's worth of membership gone to waste. and yet, there are a lot of other things that i already do and would still want to do: i'd like to pick up on my reading (which currently i do intermittently before i go to sleep), do some low-light nighttime photography, run some more, lift weights in the morning, cook for myself, clean the house, change my sheets often, go out with friends for a bottle or two, maybe take up a teaching position, see movies, just walk aimlessly at the mall, update my blog more regularly, spend more time with my family who now live about 2 hours away, write poetry and prose... there's just not enough time to do all of these things.

so i've decided that i would have to give up on something. the gym seems to be on top of the list because it costs a whole lot. but i'm reaching an age when my body begins to either sag or grow horizontally, and it's not something i want to accept, at least not until 10 years from now. i could also give up on my french classes; i could just buy a book and practice conversations with my european colleagues. but i'm getting good at the language and the classes force me to study and speak. i could give up on wednesdays with AMCI and just show up for climbs, that's possible. or i could just whip my lazy self and wake up before 6am at least twice a week for a good morning run, stay up monday evenings for a movie or to read something, go home religiously even if it's just to say hi to my mom and dad and filch some home-cooked meals, and read whenever and wherever i can.

so i really need to plan better, focus on my life's priorities and basically get more work done! i don't commute as much as i used to but i'm ending up getting less things done!
Tell me about. It sucks, but it's true: you can't have everything at once. I work full time, go to law school at night, want enough time for my friends and family, to read for leisure, to paint, to salsa dance, to climb, run, bike, hike, swim, travel, to cook, to volunteer, to write, to blog, to meditate, to shop, to just live, to be bored, to hit the gym, to take care of myself...

It's hard to fit everything in at once. I just take it one day at a time. I ask myself, what is most important to me, and then go on from there. I do things that are top of my priority: meditation, health, family, friends, work, school... and everything that I can fit in, I do. Things that I can't, oh well.

Good luck with the balance!
hey thanks. i see that there are a lot of other people like me who have diverse interests and pursuits. you're right: just focus on what's important. what i need to do now is to determine what's up there. i really haven't quite figured it out. :D
you know how there are people who couldn't work efficiently when they have only a thing or two to work on? and they sort of need to always have a truckload of stuff to do? maybe you're becoming one of them! :) goodluck on your french! i've always wanted to study russian but i guess ill just wait until after law school. :p
i'm probably one of those. i realize that sometimes i could be too lazy to do anything, but at the same time, i want to do everything. i really have to just focus on what it is that i love to do, and what i'm good at (or what i'd like to be good in).

and law school was great. but i feel that i had to put on hold many of the things that i now enjoy, like traveling, running, mountaineering, etc. but then again, i may not be enjoying them as much as i do now if it weren't for law school. so i guess: everything has a reason. :D
so law school really ought to feel that way. im actually trying not to think of it as putting my life on hold for 5 years. i find myself trying to squeeze in normal people activities, which is not at all easy. hahaha! :)
but everything will change the moment you tie the knot, hehehehe
Nice one sir. I hope I can try that alternate route to Tarak, it sounds fun. Joke lang hehe. Bka po pwedeng paexperience, and makikihingi po sana ng iT at directions. thanks.