a fruitful saturday..?

i spent the better part of saturday having a battlestar galactica marathon while cleaning up my unit and wrapping books.

first, about battlestar galactica: i'm surprised that i only started watching this series now, although i've heard of it over 2 years ago. i'm already done with season 1 and am now watching the first few episodes of season 3 as i type, although i had an incomplete season 2. i might return it to my DVD supplier and insist on a complete set. it's pretty engaging and i'm loving the moral conflicts embedded into the story arc. it has to be the one of the best TV series i have ever seen, and the fact that i've done nothing but watch it endlessly galvanizes my resolve not to get television: i'm addicted to the tube in a way that is both destructive and far from productive. although i have plans to get the complete season 2, i'm trying out other options as well: torrents, although, admittedly, it is going to take the next 2 weeks before i completely download the full season. haha. so much for wireless broadband.

now, about fixing my place: i've just started organizing my closet, cleaning out, and filling two trashbags. i realize that i have too many clothes for the space that's available, although when dressing up for anything outside of work, i often feel that i haven't got many options. still, i've already set aside a few things up for donation. or a huge garage sale.

stacking is the best way to achieve maximum compression

on the third thing, i've began wrapping books i bought from kinokuniya in bangkok, page one in taipei, backstreet books in chiang mai, powerbooks in trinoma and fully booked in rockwell. i'm really a bibliophile more than a bookworm, the distinction being that i buy more books than i can read. i probably have a love for books more powerful than my love for reading them. i read much less than i would wish. it's a shame, really. if i want to avoid unnecessary spending, i stay away from book sellers. and i have not been very successful, i have to say.

here's a book i wrapped in the late 90s: i haven't even finished reading this

so anyway, i enjoyed wrapping them, and i've employed the same technique i've developed since way back when i was in college. when i began collecting books, one of the first things i always did was to wrap them in plastic. i've tried other methods, but i've stuck to a method which i'd like to share with everyone. now a long time ago, jessica zafra actually wrote a column in the now-defunct today newspaper describing her style. i remember distinctly that she said the secret to wrapping books would be found in two volumes of collier's encyclopedia. she didn't mean that one had to do research. rather, she meant that the wrapped book had to be sandwiched between two heavier books overnight. for over a year before she came out with that column, i had been doing a similar, if not, far more technical method which is meticulous, comparatively painstaking, and requires equipment.

notice something? no tape

here are my materials, other than the plastic wrap and the new book: scissors, a big ruler, a cutting board, and a cutter. first i measure the book against the plastic wrap, cut plastic crudely, lay it out against the book on a cutting board, and with a ruler, refine the edges with a cutter. then i fold in the edges. i estimate some space from the spine and fold in the excess rather than cut it off completely. that way, i avoid tears and reinforce both edges of the spine. and here's why i need bigger and heavier books: i don't use any kind of tape to keep the plastic on the book. i noticed that tape can cause stains on the inside cover of a book. i leave the new books stacked and sandwiched overnight: at least 24 hours, and if they could wait, a lot longer.
good job!
u do Kinokuniya will wrap your books for you for free right? ;)
Re: good job!
i didn't know, but even if they offered, i wouldn't have accepted since i like to do it myself. i know that some shops here offer to wrap books but i would prefer to be the one to do it, since my method is different. i'd wrap other people's books as well if they'd ask me. haha.
how's your mastery of the french language coming? nice book covering technique.. regards dave.