some random ramblings

i had a rather fruitful day today despite having risen from bed in time for lunch. i brought home the tuna i bought in davao last week and my mom made her classic kinilaw. i have actually pretty low standards when it comes to eating raw fish because i would eat them wherever they're served, but my mom's recipe is pretty good. too bad my dental issues have gotten in the way of completely enjoying the meal. after lunch i sat down with my mom to watch a bit of "eat bulaga" and she told me about the results of the "survivor philippines: palau". i would have stayed behind to watch more television, but i had to go back to makati to drop by the dentist.

anyway, that fizzled and i had myself squeezed in for next week, so i ended up buying a new pair of swimming trunks from speedo, because my current one has a small hole on the left butt cheek. i put in 600 meters at MASA today, and it was quite an achievement already because i only paused every 200 meters. for someone who at the start of this year couldn't even complete one lap of an olympic sized pool, that's a big leap forward. although, i don't expect anyone to congratulate me. not yet. hopefully, by next week, i can manage to do 500 meters, non-stop. the other day, i swam at the fitness first pool in RCBC, and did maybe 20 laps, which is 400 meters. i can't remember the last time i swam. coach july was even surprised to see me. i really need to put more time into my swim training if i intend to make a mild splash in the extri, for which i'm registered (yet another result of some drunken challenge).

this week has been rather fruitful actually, in stark contrast to last week, immediately after the climb, when i just went straight home and plopped down on the bed. i returned to the gym again, like i just said, because i'm tired of spending over P3,000 for 2 visits. in fact, i think there was one month when i didn't see the gym at all: not wise spending, and not good for my general health and appearance. although, i've got to say, i've been dropping pounds like a japanese warplane over pearl harbor. i'm pretty sure that prior to leaving for mount apo, i was around 160lbs. last monday, i weighed with clothes on and i was 153lbs. last thursday, i went back to the same scale, and i had to ask the attendant if it was working, because i'm now down to 150lbs (with only my underwear). and people have been noticing: everyone keeps saying, alman ampayat mo na. i have no explanation for it: yes, there was one whole day when i had nothing but soup, and maybe another day when i had little appetite, but i quickly resumed my eating habits, and i haven't skipped any meals since i got better last saturday, so it's strange. i mean, i'm sure other people might welcome that, but i can't help but be a bit concerned. rapid weight loss isn't healthy.

and this week, i found time to see two movies: "law abiding citizen" which i enjoyed and which enthralled me, and just now "2012", which entertained a lot. i particularly liked the post-colonial underpinnings of the ending (the west headed for africa). i was going to link the disaster movie where the scale of destruction is unprecedented to climate change, but apparently, nothing is preached about how we are killing the earth. so i'll save my speech about the environment for some other time.

so now it's a little past midnight and i've set my alarm to go off at 4am. there's the timex run later, and although i'm actually not registered, i intend to run (a portion of) the 10km route. the last road race i joined was the adidas king of the road. and i vlogged my experience in the 5km category, which, despite its distance, turned out to be a leisurely walk for countless people who were more into it for the fad, than for fitness. it was not just recently that i noted running to be "cool", and road races, particularly the famous ones like the KOTR, are turning into social events, not unlike a rock concert, with running venues as places to see and be seen, like a really hip bar. what miffs me though is finding so many declarations (not the least on facebook) from people who are only recently into running that they'd just finished their first marathon. people: 5K, 10K, or even 21K distances are not considered marathons! you'd have to run 42.195K for that. i have never made such a claim myself, and we all know how disastrous my 21K turned out to be.

so anyway, we'll all know later if i actually manage to peel myself out of bed to join the timex run.