weekend getaway

rolly's much awaited pool party finally took place last saturday. i took off late in the afternoon to meet with edgar and later johnbee to pick up stuff from rolly's house in alabang. rolly rented this house in calamba, laguna, and the moment we arrived, we busied ourselves with kindling a fire for the barbecue. i took charge of the kitchen for a while before miss tet finally arrived with mike. mar was already there. a little later, dong, jay and the girlfriend arrived. jon, jerome and popsie got to calamba on their mountain bikes, and just before 10pm, popsie had to cycle back to manila for a 4am 42km run! jr followed late in the evening.

it was a party which reflected the broad range of maturity of the people present there. the songs, the sensibilities, and the amount of green (jokes, and otherwise) were all too revealing of the generations we belonged to. we had more than a healthy dose of gin on plastic 1.5 liter bottles -- diablo, they call it, and before we were over with the second bottle, i was overcome by sleep. when i woke up 30 minutes later, i could barely make sense of what was happening because of the awful headache. i knew the party was still raging, but i had to sleep.

the following morning, my head was still being hacked in the middle. it did not help, of course that i sang songs which almost killed me. a word to the wise: do not belt songs when you're burdened by a splitting headache (well, i scored pretty well in the last 3 songs though). just when i got to the last note of "i don't wanna miss a thing", i felt a jab of pain, as though a nail had been hammered into my forehead, right between the eyes. i had to go to bed and smear balm on my temples.

after 3pm, we fixed our things and prepared to leave. on the road, i finally gave in to requests for an early evening dinner at pizza hut. people were craving for stuffed crust pizza and spaghetti. i didn't have enough cash, so it was a good thing i was loaded with credit. these guys! not only do they rob my weekends, they hold me up in broad daylight! oh well, they're good company in the mountains anyway.