another random post

i think i need new sheets. seriously. although i'm pretty comfortable sleeping on sheets that don't reflect my age (winnie the pooh) and i don't get many guests anyway who can criticize my poor taste in sheets or my general lack of interest in interior design, i really think i should retire winnie and the old sheet my mom lent me in favor of something with a higher thread count, and maybe a more solid, bold color. when i first moved out of my parents' house and decided to live close to where i work, i had grand ideas of remodeling and coordinating my space. i wanted to exude something earthy and close to nature. i wanted plain white plates with a minimal leaf design, a green curtain to reflect my love for the environment, a brown mattress set to show my connection with the earth... but i pursued none of those and decided to have function over form. but now my unit is a mess, and dishes from 3 days ago still sit on the sink. i haven't polished my floor since i can't remember, and i've never had more than 3 hours of television in the last 27 months. i've read many books (currently reading ian mcewan's "a child in time" and an essay collection by pico iyer), solved many puzzles, and compiled many magazines as a consequence. i renewed my lease contract just last month, so i can look forward to 10 more months in my makati foxhole. i really must do something to better the space i live in. it's close to being a sty. haha.

two weeks ago, after we had successfully climbed apo to induct close to 40 new members to the club, we dropped by camp sabros in bgy. kapatagan, digos city, not far away from the resort where we spent the night. sabros has a few exciting rides: zip lines with lengths of 380 meters, 400 meters, and 800 meters. the last one was, until recently, the longest zip line in the philippines, and even all of asia, until CDO extended it by 200 meters and stole the title. to get to the camp, we had to walk a kilometer uphill from the street, along an unpaved, winding road. i've done zip lines before, but nothing as long and as picturesque as the ones in sabros (clear skies allowed us an unimpeded view of mounts apo and talomo). the facility was built around a small patch of pine forest, so we zipped through small openings between trees. the 800-meter zip line takes 44 seconds, and has a rather rude ending (check out the video), but it's a lot of fun because you get the feeling of flying: you're strapped on a jacket that makes you lie flat in mid-air: it's really the closest you'll get to defying gravity. it actually wasn't terrifying, but ann nearly broke her vocal chords from too much screaming.

anyway, this i did despite the infection in my gums that was causing my left jaw to swell. 3 hours later, immediately upon our arrival in davao city, i went straight to the dentist who prescribed some medicines and drained the infection. i felt better almost instantly, and that night, managed to chew on something at luz kinilaw. the following day, i just dropped by aldevinco and then had to pack up for my flight. we were holed at the davao medical school foundation, which had 3 indian restaurants. the owner (who is indian) informed me that there are currently more indian students in the school's nursing program than filipinos. now that's something!

right now i'm still on medication, but hopefully i'll be weaned from it with my scheduled visit to the dentist. i shudder at the thought of some invasive procedure to be done. i really hope it's nothing that would require more visits. sigh.

i'm rather excited about this weekend. i'm still a bit torn about what to do, but if i decide finally to go to the mountains, then i'll actually get to see a new mountain. that's a cool treat.
Avoid brown and other dark, ponderous colours -- they won't look inviting. Yellow works best for me.

Check the ground at the Calavite grassland if there are animal droppings and if they are fresh. Tamaraw patties look a lot like cow dung, and these animals are very good climbers too. The grassland around Iglit was full of their patties.