something work-related

effective today, i no longer work for the delegation of the european commission to the philippines.

this is not a result of a resignation. it is because the european commission no longer exists.

but i still have a job. not anywhere else, but in the same room, floor, and building where i've worked in the last 29 months.


not really. effective the end of november 2009, the european commission has been zapped from the political consciousness of the known universe. it wasn't actually abolished or replaced, only that the institutions of the peoples of europe have been streamlined. the EC has been officially subsumed by the european union, following the coming into force of the lisbon treaty. i now work for the delegation of the european union to the philippines.

the consequences? other than changing our letterheads, email signatures, ID cards, business cards, the sign at the lobby, and other similar things, nothing much, really, in so far as my position is concerned. at least, it appears to be that way, for now. should i maybe start by reading the treaty?