dark comedy

so a lot of people have been getting a good laugh from this youtube ad inviting girls with ages between 18 and 21 to pursue their dreams of becoming models in las vegas. it's hilarious in a very filipino way: the video seems to have been shot under very poor lighting conditions, and the girl announcing the job opening, apart from having a bad dress, also has bad diction. good diction in english isn't very common in most parts of the world that don't speak english natively, and that includes the philippines. so while many filipinos are able to forgive (and perhaps even swoon at) french or spanish or italian accents, they are more likely to laugh at those who have an unmistakably asian way of pronouncing english. and i'm not going to wash my hands and say that i have never found it funny when other people elongate short a's or shorten long i's, or when people confuse their vowels and are unable to distinguish between unique consonants, all too often omitting them, and inserting them where they aren't supposed to be. but i don't understand how people who are themselves inarticulate or struggle with grammar laugh at others with more or less the same problems. those who do laugh at themselves.

but what i really find scary about this video isn't so much that the girl's idea of "good english skills" (or "gud englesh eskills") is herself, but that there is an actual attempt to lure girls into sending an application. the video isn't some bored guy's idea of fun, but rather, it seems to be a very real ploy at attracting girls of the same mould as the one speaking in front of the video. since most people have not gone beyond viewing the video and laughing at it, they have failed to realize that there might actually be something fishy going on. i sleuthed around on youtube and found that a link to a blog is posted along with the video. i followed the link and it appears that the video isn't a joke (as many others with perfect grammar and excellent diction might actually think), but is an actual open call for applications to become promo models in las vegas. by "actual" i do not mean legitimate. based on the comments that have been left on the blog, some filipino girls (whose grasp of english is just as good as the model on the video) have expressed interest, and the blog-owner has listed a few requirements: a head shot, a full body shot, and a photo of the applicant clad in a bikini: because a lot of products require its models to be clad in similar outfits. and there doesn't seem to be that many other requirements: a valid passport, an NBI clearance, and not much else. no placement fees are being asked, so the job opening is quite tempting. and all the more dubious.

i'm afraid this guy might actually use these photos for some dastardly purpose. i think someone should look into all this because unfortunately, there are many filipino girls, 18 to 21 years old, with bad english skills but with pleasing personality, who are desperate to leave the country where they could not find lucrative employment, and grab at the first promise of a new, exciting, and fruitful life in the USA (yu-ez-ey).

update: the blog has been suspended by wordpress for violating its terms of service.
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