confessions of an ectomorph

i have been a gym member since december 2002, shortly after becoming gainfully employed as an underbar associate at a law firm, a term used to describe lawyers-to-be. in all those years of visiting the gym, i have never really come close to most of my goals for joining the gym. very early into my workouts and realizing the lack of visible progress, i downscaled my ambitions from getting a beach-worthy ripped body, to just keeping fit, staving the ravages of old age. every now and then though i would entertain the idea that it may not be too late. i could work towards toning my muscles and defying gravity. but maybe i just don't have the right body type, nor the proper resolve, nor the discipline, nor the time for all this vanity. and things have not improved when i moved up to a much more expensive gym. i found it more and more difficult to go to the gym even if it was just 28 floors below my place of work, and consequently, 10 minutes from where i live. it came to a point that i would waste an entire month, when my visits consisted merely of reading the newspapers or using the toilet. i was throwing away money, and i was not getting anywhere. it was just so difficult to cram too many things into my evenings after work. so i am ending my relationship with fitness first platinum.

and this is the part where sour graping makes me feel better: if someone looks as if he's spent a lot of time in the gym, he probably has. i do not have the good fortune of having the genes of either phil younghusband or daniel matsunaga or even aljur abrenica. but then again they probably cannot wiggle their ears as i can or recite more than a hundred lines of english poetry as i normally do. so fair is fair: i just can't have everything.

but i am not turning my back on the gym completely. i've just decided that paying on a monthly basis isn't wise financial planning, particularly if you end up using it only once a week: in the case of my lifestyle gym, that's about P800 per visit. there's a small gym in my building, and i am not averse to the idea of risking tetanus poisoning in a similar community-based gym where the scheme is pay-per-use. i hope there's one within biking distance. i haven't made many close friends at the gym, which is good because i wouldn't want to spend my visits there chatting and catching up. i'd rather just focus on my workout and get out as soon as i can so i can do other things.

lately though, "other things" excludes french classes and vigorous reading. i picked up michael ondaatje's "the english patient" (for the 3rd time i think) at the start of the year but got distracted by a couple of new TV shows on DVD. and i haven't managed to get registered for french classes even if they're for free. i've just been really "blazy": either too busy, or too lazy. but i've come up with a new fitness routine, something i've been faithfully doing since the beginning of february. that in itself deserves a separate entry.
French Classes for Free
How come you can enroll in French classes for free? --Mynes