i have not blogged in nearly a month, and my backlog of stories is nearing insurmountable proportions, i wonder whether i will find the time to tell them all. i will likely not have the time to do that this weekend because i will be out of town. i am now at the airport -- the somber and still under-utilized terminal 3: the world's most modern low cost carrier terminal.

it really is odd that while it is very cheap to travel within the country, traveling out of it is expensive. there is the travel tax, which is higher when you're on business class. you pay nothing if you're an OFW, less if you're a dependent of an OFW or a minor below 12 years of age. also, the terminal fee is exorbitant, which is odd because passengers traveling domestic but using the same terminal pay less than a third of what international passengers do: it's not the newness of the terminal that's paid for, nor the services that are available, but the sector. it's odd. the old domestic, which looks like a bus station, charges the same terminal fee as the spanking new iloilo and bacolod airports.

anyway, here are some quick shots i took earlier. there is no wi-fi here, but i managed to bring my smart bro for a quick internet visit before i board.