two poems

last week, a line from a poem i had written in the mid-nineties came suddenly back and i posted it as a status on my twitter and facebook. my friend mitch likened it to a fra lippo lippi song. i said i am not sure if i consciously know any song from the band, or whether they had influenced that particular line, but it turns out i remembered the poem incorrectly. here it is below as i had written it.

A Kind of Longing

In a room full of strangers,
my loneliness unfolds
and fills the walls with your words:

whispers that stain windows
with the dust of promises.
Among lost trees in the yard,

your face hangs in the breeze.
But the rustle of leaves
marks your departure.

Though the distance
that separates us
is a curtain of shadows,

your absence has left me
with an emptiness
the space between stars.

this appeared in an issue of the philippines free press when they still had a good literary editor. the quality of the poetry that sees print has not remarkably improved -- whether it is the lack of good poets or the fault of the editor, it is no longer my place to say. but anyway, while looking for this poem, i found another one, which i have no recollection writing, but which strikes me for its adept use of suggestion. during the time that i wrote poems, i paid attention to the sound that a series of words made, and the images they conjured in the mind of the poet and of the reader. i was less interested in playing with language, to the extent that my poetry tended to be prosaic. this one, however, isn't as descriptive as most of my other poems.


Song after lilting song
I am captive to
the delicate innocence
of your shut eyes.

This evening rolls over
the perfect smoothness
of your cheeks,
blush of roses.

Oh, that your lips
were petals,
I will pocket
every minute,
I will blossom
every moment
for you,
deep blue of sky,
create the heavens
on my bosom.

And I, pure rage,
shall toss upon your face
until the morning
of your voice
calms me.
aha! that's what you get for not going to work. haha.

now to stalk your blog for entries about me. or about charles. haha.