a step down

it was just as well that luke left the hive in new york to study film in california. he was the least talented dancer in the house of the pirates, though admittedly the most good-looking. i am inclined to think that julien was telling the truth -- that luke kicked him out of the pirates because he was jealous of him. natalie's brother is the superior mover of the twain.

and i can't help but wonder whether harry shum is capable of speech. in the movie, as well as in glee, he has no speaking lines at all. and i'm not sure whether it was the poor acting or the unbelievably cheesy script, but i couldn't help but cringe at some of the things that were said.

the dancing itself was excellent, though tended to be repeated: i just did not see enough choreography or variety. i never was a huge fan of freestyle. the tango was amazing! i saw shades of everything there: things i may have seen at the UAAP cheerdancing competition, or something from the UP streetdance club and the philippine all-stars (who are themselves world champions). i do not doubt though that i may have been more entertained by watching SYTYCD (where i'd seen better popping) or ABDC. but then again, neither of the two is in 3D. the close-ups using wide angle lenses put you in the middle of the stage along with the dancers.

and i just had to write this while it was fresh. the trailers prior to the movie itself gave me something to look forward to.