second installment

i woke up with a start, upon realizing that there was no chance in hell i’d make it to my hearing before 9am. but there was hardly any haste in my movements as i thought about which of my two barongs i’d wear. during the last hearing the previous week, the judge was late, and she paired for another court room, and so the case which i handled pro bono wasn’t called until around 10am. the pro bono part made it difficult for me to invest much industry in the case, and i think sophie has by far abused my kindness. this will certainly be the last time that i’d be giving out my legal talents in exchange for dinner.

but what ticked me off that day was not so much the thought of investing my professional time onto an endeavor which did not promise any monetary rewards. it was the fact that my client failed to inform me that the hearing would not push through. as early as 8.20am, sophie was well aware that the fiscal would not make it, but she didn’t bother to tell me. she waited until i actually arrived, and her excuse was that she attempted to call me several times to no avail. she was using her new sun cellular prepaid line, and there were apparently connection issues. but what about her globe? she just kept it in her pocket. i’m still thinking whether i should show up at the dec. 7 hearing.

after that, i went to shangri-la and the entire mall is supposed to be a hotspot. i squatted near the fountain and took out my laptop and surfed at blinding speeds. downloaded a few sharewares, and debated whether i should still show up at the office. i had less than an hour’s sleep, and doubted whether i’d manage to accomplish anything while i was there. the need to sleep won over the call of duty.

so i went home, slept, and woke up a little later with enough time to go to makati and do jazz. there were the usual comments about my weight, as well as some surprised reactions to my short hair. after dancing, i took a quick shower and informed johnbee that i was coming over. i had invited myself over for talk and beer. he told me to just have dinner at his place. we had lechon kawali. after dinner, we decided to watch this italian movie, “his secret life (your ignorant fairy)”, an interesting and touching story about the intersections of the dual life lived by one man. the maid in the film, not surprisingly, was filipino. i donated 6 cans of strong ice to johnbee’s stash, and had three. i left johnbee’s place at around 1am.

the following day, wednesday, i took my laptop once again to the office, and managed to accomplish a few things. i had discovered that there was a phone port near my table and decided to connect my modem there. this, of course, made one of the phones impossible to use, but few people could complain against an attorney III. being online might have proved to be my work’s undoing because i didn’t accomplish much except to talk to johnbee on yahoo and jr on msn. i was copy pasting their comments on each other’s windows. finally, johnbee could not help it, downloaded msn messenger, and we chatted on conference. it was decided, finally, that we’d go out again. and i don’t know what actually possessed me, but i said it’d be my treat. we went to sidebar in malate, and i promised not to get too overly drunk. i prevailed over dennis and convinced him to come on over. johnbee’s friend, the very funny manuel cordova, who lived nearby, also joined us. manuel is a very funny man, who revealed one too many things about johnbee, most of which we would not have known if manuel were a little more sober. before long, jr and dennis decided to call manuel boss, the same appellation they give to johnbee.

here are a few of the conversations which really brought the house down:

dennis: pano kayo nagkakilala ni boss johnbee?
johnbee: kaibigan kasi sya ni... [engages in a long, boring narrative about an expansive network]
manuel: [cutting in] actually, nagkakilala kami sa ricky reyes. nag-aaral kami nun. tapos sabi ko, wow, abogado pala to, kaya naman pinasara ko na lang parlor ko tapos nag law ako.

dennis: married ka na?
manuel: dati, pero annulled na.

dennis: [in his usual, “shouting” voice] gay ka ba?
manuel: oo masayahin talaga akong tao.
dennis: hey, i’m talking to you. gay ka ba?
manuel: masayahin nga akong tao eh.
johnbee: dennis, masyadong malakas boses mo.
dennis: boss, sorry if i talk too much. [walks up to manuel, and whispers in his ear] gay ka ba?

now that’s a classic.
Classic talaga....classic Celia Rodriguez ang dating. :-)