i know CPR

looking for signs of lifei know CPR. this much i can tell after i passed both the knowledge and skills test of our basic life support course being administered by the philippine national red cross. i am now more confident about giving mouth to mouth to any willing victim. now there's a world of difference between what we were actually taught, and what i thought i knew from watching a lot of rescue 911 and baywatch.

early in the morning, we had our weekly sunday run at the ultra. we actually had it outside. we started at the ultra gate, went down to st. paul, then left to molave, right to doña vargas all the way to e. rodriguez jr. ave (c-5), then right at danny floro, right again towards capt. henry javier, and back to the ultra gate. we circled the route twice. it took us downhill, and uphill, where twice, i had to fight the urge to walk. i really wanted to, because the ascent along danny floro is particularly painful. 1 round, if my trusty map were to be believed, is just over 3.5kms. so that entire run was about 7kms.

after that exhausting run, we had our written exam. having spent more time in school than anyone else in the group, my test taking skills are sharper than your average bear, and so i topped the exam with 33 marks out of 40. not bad. not like i'm getting a medal or anything, but that was good enough.

so, like i said, if anyone's interested in testing my CPR skills, i can show you how i do mouth to mouth.