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i went off to san fernando, pampanga yesterday morning to attend a hearing, but bureaucratic crap delayed our departure, and we left the DENR at around 8.30. there was no chance in hell that we’d get there in time, even if the pick up had wings, but i left anyway. the north expressway is an amazing piece of infrastructure, because we were in san fernando in under 45 minutes. i went to the regional office to chit-chat with the RED and his men. the RED was very dark, like the color of smoke, and was a typical-looking bureaucrat, whose face was creased by deep lines of stress but whose wrists and neck were garbed in the opulence of unexplained wealth. that’s what 31 years in government does to you! they told me what transpired during the hearing, and we decided to have an early lunch at max’s. their treat, of course. just after we ate, an american by the name of bruce oliver involved in turtle conservation, treasure hunting, and what have you, arrived and harangued the RED with his issues. he gave me his card and asked that i get in touch.

we flew back to manila, and there are fewer highways smoother than the stretch of road from pampanga to the newfangled blue-roofed terminals near valenzuela. i asked the driver to pass by the house so i could pick up a few things before i could return to the office. he actually told me i didn’t need to go back, because i was supposedly out on OB. i said, oh, i need to do this and that anyway, so might as well go back to the office. and so i did. i was finally asked to handle personally this case involving SMTD, so i had to wait till late in the afternoon to sign some pleadings.

at about this time, i was torn between going to dish at the loop on tin’s invitation, or to join johnbee for some classical music. i was leaning towards the latter, but i figured that makati was too far from my route so i decided to stay within the confines of QC. i worked out at ABS and found out my former trainer at david’s had transfered to FF. he’d probably pay closer attention to me than many of these guys who don’t give a fig about what you’re doing. i’ve been in this gym for 2 years now and i don’t know why so little improvement has taken place. of course, it could be me, but i just hate those types who are predisposed to bulking. i mean, i was talking to one of the kids who started out with me in the gym, and he now has a six pack. when i first met him, he was a lanky 16 year old with baby fat. now he’s 18 and is all too eager to show off how ripped he is. he’s on drugs, i swear.

since i was in the area anyway, decided to pop by dish just to say hi to tin, et al. tin’s siblings are part of the retro pop band retrospect, and they were celebrating their 6th year anniversary. finally got to meet the “equine” john javier. i said i’d leave after my first bottle of san mig strong ice, but i was held hostage longer than i wanted. the front acting acoust-cutting band (borrowed from d_authority) which murdered jason mraz’s “the remedy” (well, they did well on evanescence’s “my immortal”) angered me so much i wanted to wait for at least retrospect’s first set. eventually, despite the fact that i was just so awfully tired, i decided to finish the whole performance. ogz was even taken up the stage, and he was really game. they sang that song which goes “boy, lumapit ka...” to him, and he was so much fun to watch. when it was time to dance, i was up on my feet and showed the folks my moves. john javier kept saying “ibang level na to.” dancer is another one of my secret careers.
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Found you replying to something of Jing's. 'Tis quite interesting, to get the blow-by-blow account of a Pinoy lawyer's life. I always enjoy Jing's posts.

Mind if I add you, good sir?
wow. sure. thank you. jing and i have been friends for over 10 years. he is just as fun in person. :D
Ikinagalak ko kayong makilala (that's about all the Tagalog I know. :-)

Jing seems like a very genuinely good soul. I hope someday to perhaps trade a few musical licks with Jing and a couple of other of my LJ Pinoy musical friends.