storm country

GOVERNMENT employees, except those involved in delivering basic services, can go home by 12 noon Thursday, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared as the entire Luzon region, including Metro Manila, had been placed on alert against super typhoon “Yoyong” (international codename: Nanmadol).

- from inq7’s breaking news

i was just about to get ready for work when i chanced upon this news article. the “no bundy” policy being applied to lawyers in most government offices allows for some measure of flexibility, and i usually get there at around 10 or 10.30. but then there’s no point in staying in the office for less than 2 hours. by the time i get there, everyone would be busy preparing to leave.

yesterday afternoon, i found out that butch dado is assuming the post of director of legal services in the department. just my luck. atty. dado was partner in the firm i used to be part of. although he was no longer in the firm while i was there, i’ve worked with him on a few things. i spoke to him for a while, and he said he was absolutely in the dark about how things were supposed to be done. i commiserated with him and said i hadn’t learned the ropes in the month that i’ve been there.

now his entry into the department may either be a good thing or a bad thing. the fact that he knows who i am -- and presumably also knows what i’m capable of doing -- might prove to be disastrous to my lackadaisical ways. on the other hand, i just might get better assignments because of this. oh well, while he’s still groping, i might as well just dispose of all the work that’s pending on my desk. i can expect one or two more meetings with him in the coming week.

* * *

at the gym yesterday, the obagi treatment guy told me that he saw me on TV. "sikat ka na jay!" like i said before, the stupid folks at Insider switched our names, and so this guy thinks my name's jallorina's. i turned my back and had to pull back a huge laugh. there were similar questions to that effect. neil garcia asked me, how come you had a different name? while another person inquired if i produced a screen name. i wonder how we could rectify the situation. this is embarrassing.

* * *

the AXN teams of pilipinas sierra landed 7th and 12th in their categories! not bad for novices.
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Wow! Typhoons can make it all the way into Manila?

Sounds like a good day to stay inside and partake of SMB's.
the typhoons are here alright. signal number 2 to be exact. in the scheme of things, well, at least where we're concerned, our weather bureau raises signal number 2 when there are winds that reach speeds of 60 to 100kph. yoyong is classified as a super typhoon, and in some areas, signal number 4 has been raised, which means there are upwards of 185kph winds.

too bad i don't keep a stash of beer in the house. the parentals would definitely not approve.
at the gym yesterday, the obagi treatment guy told me that he saw me on TV. "sikat ka na jay!" --
hehe, the best joke heard so far today :)
i know. it was so funny and awkward. i wanted to conk this guy in the head but i was just about to bawl over with laughter. what's worse than becoming well-known under another name? and worse, jay's name? haha.
it was a mountaineering thing. check out my entry on Fri, Nov. 12th, 2004, 03:28 pm called almost famous. they interviewed us about prana escalante. tagal na nun.