i slept almost the entire day today, and i don’t feel a pint of guilt at having accomplished nothing. last friday, just after lunch, rolly asked me to accompany him for a few rounds of beer. a few rounds of beer is the delusion i tell myself when i want to pretend to be a nice kid, but it often turns out awry, and i get more than a few rounds and get so drunk i’m one step to actually passing out. we went to makati, and at 4pm, the place was practically deserted. we lingered there a while and waited for johnbee to arrive. he lives in the area, but traffic was terrible so it took him an hour to get to gerry’s grill. at around 10pm, rolly appeared possessed and wanted to go somewhere else, so we went to malate. apparently, rolly has never been to the orosa-nakpil district of malate, so although that’s not my kind of gimmick, i decided to accompany him there. but tragedy strikes when you least expect it, and as johnbee was backing up onto a parking space, the smallest movement proved disastrous and the windshield at the back of his revo hit a tree and was shattered into a million pieces. it was still holding on because of the tint, and we could still hear it cracking and crackling. i was in no mood to do anything because of what had just happened, and i felt a little responsible for what just took place. eventually, rolly and i decided to wait for manuel and let johnbee drive back home.

but once we arrived at nakpil-orosa, rolly was all too delighted to be surrounded by so many boys. i told him that these boys are probably not his type and he’s probably not their type, because they would not need his “scholarship grant”, but he didn’t care so long as he had eye candy. by midnight, just after manuel arrived, i was already too eager to get home because i promised to help out in rene’s orienteering in los baños the following morning, but rolly was an impossibly stubborn old man with a new and fascinating discovery. he became increasingly envious of manuel, who lived a few paces from the center, and wished that he had his car so he could drop by malate at any time of the week. i had about 8 strong ice at around this time, and i decided to stop because i was made aware of rolly’s precarious situation. he insisted that we go inside bed, but i shot down the idea, saying there was no chance i’d be seen there again. and besides, i said, you’re in shorts.

we left orosa at 2am and had to take rolly to café adriatico for coffee because it was apparent he was past his threshold. he had started leering at perfect strangers and screamed at anyone in an unintelligible gibberish. we stayed there for a while, and i had chocolate eh. at around 3am, i insisted that we go home. manuel crossed taft and to get home, while we had to wait a long time before we could decide what to do. a bus going to batangas came by but rolly didn’t want to take it because it was non-aircon, and he practically blew his chance of getting home early. at first he didn’t want to take a cab, and i thought it was because he was concerned about the prohibitive cost. it turned out that he was just worried the driver might take him “kung saan-saan.” i finally told him he had little to fear and he relented.

i got home at past 4am. we were supposed to meet at 5am in buendia so we could finish the orienteering activity before lunch. i just sort of dropped by the house, packed my bag with an extra set of clothes, brushed, took a shower, slipped into my hiking attire, and left. i got to buendia at around 6am, and jay was playing the part of “you’re late and i’m pissed.” i said i had to take care of a very drunk old man but he didn’t listen. we reached los baños at aroun 8am, and we were up the road to the nursery again. it took us less than 40 minutes, and it didn’t feel anything like a hike. the locals who operated stores near the nursery remembered me as the guy with longish hair who made jokes and who kindled a delusion he was a mulawin. i said i was that same person. rene had prepared breakfast for 15 and there were only 7 of us, so a lot of the food had to be stuffed back in his bag.

it was arguably the fastest orienteering course ever set up, because after we found the first station -- which i manned -- we instructed rene (who used my compass) to start after 5 minutes. the coordinates were just radioed to him just after the stations were established. after each station, we followed rene and tried to see if he’d find his way around, although we could offer little help since we actually didn’t know for sure if he was doing it correctly. makiling was very muddy that time. eventually, he completed the course in just over an hour. along the way, my eagle eyes spotted a chameleon near the base of a tree, and i started singing that boy george song. jay was simply so amazed at how i had a penchant for spotting even the smallest thing (including the spider in tarak) even in the thickets of a forest. at around this time, rene was getting really lost.

after the course, we decided to visit the mud springs. it wasn’t too far away, and we were there shortly. the bubbling mud was under a thin layer of water which overflowed onto the stream nearby. smoke swirled high above the mud springs, and poison hung in the air. we went back to the stores and had lunch. the containers inside rene’s pack were crushed to bits, but we had more than enough food for ourselves and the dogs in the area.

after lunch, we trekked back down where i saw a huge beetle with strong and powerful claws. i’d only seen one in pictures before, and i picked it up. it was able to carry jay’s trekking pole for a few seconds. i would have wanted to take it home with me but mike had other ideas. we left los baños for biñan, where rene lived, and continued eating and drinking there. a feast had been prepared for us, and spent the day watching DVDs. i finally got to see “touching the void”. as it played, i fell asleep for a few minutes. it was the only time i got to rest, since i’ve been awake since friday 10am. we had dinner then proceeded to paseo de santa rosa to turn over a few more bottles of strong ice. even in my drunken state, i was all too aware how badly the band played. terribly bad. too bad, in fact, that the guy who went up the stage to rap dice & k9’s “itsumo” did a much better job than any of them did.

we went back to rene’s place at midnight and i only got to sleep at around 2am. that means i went nearly 40 hours straight without sleep, and with a lot of beer! despite my highly uncomfortable position on the sofa, i managed to sneak in a few hours of sleep before we left his house at 7am after having breakfast. all these on rene’s account. this has got to be the most expensive thing he had to do just to get a dogtag. but he seemed happy that his membership in sierra was finally official.
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dave, advice lang - wag mo ng ulitin 'yung pag-puyat ng ganoong katagal. 40 hrs! you might end up having a nasty anemia. my dad already has one.
way back in law school, hanggang 30 hours straight lang ako. actually, i'm the last person to stay up too long. i like sleep! minsan sobra na nga. pero nakakacause ba yan ng anemia? matagal na yata akong may anemia eh. dati, nung undergrad pa ako, madalas ako mahilo, lalo na kung bigla akong tatayo. i also turn over an entire shelf in the library when i stood up after looking for a book on the lowest shelf. grabe.
it's a sure way to get anemia. bonemarrows produce the red blood cells we need. they live an approximate of 21 days. bonemarrows usually produce these cells around 10pm - 3am. (depends generally on what's your sleeping cycle.) and they only make these rbc's when you're sleeping. my dad has megaloblastic anemia. the disorder makes his rbc's live only for 10 days or less. i suggest you take iron supplements at least 2-3 a week, vitamin c, e and folate. these would help you avoid getting anemia. also this disorder is a step away from leukemia. so be careful. regards, art.
wow. so this means that in a few years, we'll be getting a lot of very anemic young people after putting in their hours at all those mushrooming call centers! they should be warned! i suppose this is a work hazard which ought to be covered by their employment contracts. :D thanks art.