Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

party pooper

i just came from what arguably was the worst feeling i have had in a presumably happy gathering. long before the party took place, i was already terribly pissed. for a lot of reasons, which i think is trivial to enumerate. but i showed amazing control, and even faked what appeared to be sincere cheer all throughout. though terribly bored, and definitely bereft of any of that seasonal spirit, i still steered the party with a lot of energy. i’m really a take-charge kind of guy, but there is absolutely no justice in the burden that i had carried niggardly. it is an awful feeling, i must confess, to be made the object and the subject of a slew of punishing comments, especially from individuals whose vocabularies are limited to the 160 characters that fit in an SMS message, or whose intelligence are comparable to that of a rock. hell, if you think you can do better, well fine. do it yourself. the night would’ve been more fruitful if i had remembered to bring my paraphernalia to notarize a document for rhinitis. sorry paloys.

and i wasn’t even anywhere near being drunk.
Tags: random update
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