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Eight years ago, I wrote this entry in my journal:
17 September

... On another note, I’ve been thinking about my own writing. Apart from this one, I haven’t had too much productions, or for that matter, creations. I am not happy, to say the least, of my writing, just as much as I frown upon my reading.

I ache to read, just as much as I long to write. But then, the question becomes, do I really like writing? Am I really serious of indulging myself in this profession? I don’t know. I still think my writing is average, if not outright distasteful. What matters to me is whether I have room for improvement.

As it is, I can only hope so. It simply cannot be that late in my life, I would realize that I went into something not suitable for me. What if, in the future, I regret choosing to be what I want to be? That would be my resignation to insanity. I’d be crazier than I already am.

Perhaps I should learn to appropriate certain things. This has been my main problem, really. To give too much of my time to things that bear little significance to me. They wouldn’t really make me any better as a person, as a writer, as an intellectual...

While I hold absolutely no fantasy that I am anywhere near the writer I would like to be, the sentiments I recorded back in 1996 hold true even now. The entry which I reproduced above is exactly how I wrote it: without much reflection, I just let my pen glide across the unruled page, and seldom did I review and revise what I’ve written. I started writing a journal in 1994. I would reproduce a random page from my first journal, but after leafing through the pages of the notebooks I’ve kept these past ten years, there is little chance that I would own up to many of the words I’ve written when I showed a lot of literary immaturity. I was only a sophomore in UP back then, and my compositions were extremely sophomoric. I take no issue with what I chose to write about, but how I wrote them was terribly bad. I suppose those entries were just manifestations of how much I had deprived myself of a good read. Admittedly, I didn’t start reading seriously until the summer prior to my junior year.

That I am a little disgusted over the way I wrote 8 or 10 years ago assumes of course that I am now a better writer. I assume too much.
I had my TRANSFER COMMITMENT FORM (from BIR) notarized under the Vito Cruz station of LRT. He photopied it and kept a copy. Is that standard practice or should I let the maid know that some freak might come by our house (my address was there) looking for me and that she should NOT let him in?
Pagka-alam ko they have to keep multiple copies for private files, etc. I had an affidavit notarized in Makati before; they sent one to Makati City Hall. Makati is making a list of all notarized documents eh.
jave the wave is correct. under the notarial law, notaries public are required to keep a copy of each document notarized. the act of notarization transforms a private document into a public document, which means that should a case involving this document ever pops up, no further evidence is necessary to prove the document. under that same law, we are also required to transmit a copy of our notarial register with the accompanying documents, to the regional trial court of the city or municipality where we were commissioned. yuck. i hate the law.

however, i find it unlikely that anyone will be dropping by your house to ask for pamasko. after all, since you had notarized under the LRT station (which is no longer allowed, by the way), it's likely that the notary himself didn't sign the document, but his or her secretary. manila has a huge problem with ambulant notaries public.
the rule prior to august 1, 2004 was that notaries are required to keep copies only of contracts or agreements acknowledged by the parties. notaries do not need to keep copies of documents containing only a jurat. on august 1, 2004, the supreme court issued new rules governing notaries public. the criteria to become a notary has become more stringent and the filing requirements increased (from monthly to weekly). with the expiration of most notarial commissions this december 31, 2004, i doubt we would still have ambulant notaries next year.

thanks panyero. i was trying to look for the new rules governing notaries on the net the other week. i was informed by my classmate that there were new rules which i was not aware of... actually, i was never aware of the rules. what i reproduced above was what the ex officio sheriff/executive clerk of court of makati told me. my commission's expiring this year too, and i'm getting one here in QC. what do the rules say about the information that we're supposed to include under our names, other than IBP, PTR, and Roll Number?

pa email naman ng rules para hindi ako nangangapa at sample petition to apply for a commission. :D