"punuin mo 'to ng ihi"

i've been with the department for a month and a half now and i've been extremely generous with my time considering that i haven't been paid for my services. this shouldn't be confused with charity of course, because i have absolutely no intention of donating my time to the government. what i expect to receive is a trifle sum, but it will be useful considering that i do not draw any other form of monetary expectation from other sources.

so i was in the office unusually early to see what i can do about my pay. turns out i have to submit certification from a medical lab that i'm drug-free and disease-free. i hope the tests return negative of any bad news. just before i could skitter out of the office to have my test, the secretary summoned all lawyers to his office. once there, i feared he might look at me and say, "i only called for the lawyers, what're you doing here?" i was wearing a shirt undone two buttons down, denims, and a pair of trail runners. the secretary, on the other hand, was dapper in a black coat, a white shirt, and a tie which could very well be hanging from a christmas tree. turns out he wanted us to help him out with his crusade against big-time illegal loggers.

i left later for my medical exam at westmed in west ave. i remember going through something similar when i worked for a popular food chain way back in 93. but it's really awkward to have someone actually watch you urinate into a plastic vial. i didn't feel the call of nature at the time, and i was becoming pee-shy knowing that someone was hovering just behind me, so i think we had to wait ten minutes before i could force something out of my body. the package cost me P550. what a gyp.
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man, you were gypped indeed. it shouldn't cost that much especially if it was just one of those tests that came out of a box.

miss reading your stuff btw. :)
hey! how's it been? you've been gone so long. hope to see you back online soon! i'm desperately in need of good blogs to read. :D
well right now i'm typing this on a crappy computer in philcoa. tonight i decided to just type them all at my computer at home then upload once a week, hehe.
Being a man who enjoys words, here's one for you:

Paruresis. It's the technical term for being pee-shy.
thanks! i've been looking for this word for the longest time! haha. so is this effectively the opposite of incontinence? note to self: use "paruresis" in casual conversation, i.e., "i went to the toilet in the mall but the crowd was making me paruretic."