what did i do today?

sophie’s life as an accused is dragging till after the new year when both the fiscal and the judge skipped the scheduled hearing today due to some undisclosed conditions. “indisposed” is how we usually we call it, and i’ve never had to use that excuse in my short life as a litigator. the next hearing is on the 25th. of january. 2005. that feels a little too far away, although it really is just a month and a week from today. just before i left the courthouse, sophie’s tormentor, a plump muslim woman with a round, solid voice, asked for an appointment. she wants me to handle one of her cases. no conflict of interest there, and i hope we can iron out the details before i retire for the holidays.

i went home to change and eat lunch and after that, i left immediately to get the results of my medical exam in west ave. i’m positive, i must confess, of being a good boy. no traces of shabu and marijuana in my bloodstream (thank goodness they didn’t check for beer!). my x-ray report said that my lungs are unremarkable.

passed by SM city for ID pics and used the partially finished precast footbridge in the edsa-north ave-west ave intersection. it’s massive, and quite effective. i’ve always liked bayani, because although he’s a hit-and-miss kind of guy, at least he’s a doer. the u-turn slots may be making hell for motorists in quezon ave, but it’s working rather well in commonwealth. his experiments are always charged to experience. the good thing is that he’s trying to find real solutions to real problems. we don’t have much of those in government.

i returned to the office just in time to find out that the 7am policy is now in place. like that affects me! i hope i finally get paid my salary by next week. i’m flat broke!