Portion of Malugay Street collapses

A portion of the lateral support along Malugay Street in Makati City collapsed onto the deep excavation of the Ospital ng Makati last Tuesday, 20 August 2013, at around noon, following several days of rain. This prompted the closure of the part of Malugay Street between the Ospital ng Makati and the Bureau of Internal Revenue. As of today, half of the street has been opened to vehicles.

A security guard stationed at the construction site reported that the sidewalk started to crack while torrents of rain brought about by tropical depression Maring poured over the Metropolis. Eventually, the earth under the street gave way, leaving a gap about 6 meters wide. The concrete on Malugay Street remains intact, although the earth beneath it has also foundered. The excavation for the new Ospital ng Makati is at least 15 meters deep.

Apart from blocking the road affected by the landslide, it is unclear whether any other means are currently being undertaken to prevent the further erosion of the land under Malugay Street. It will be recalled that a similar incident took place last year not far from the Ospital ng Makati, when the sidewalk along Tordesillas Street, close to the corner of Gil Puyat Avenue, also crumbled while diggings for The Shang Salcedo Place were being undertaken.