bonus pater familias

earlier this evening, i shared the kitchen sink with my eldest brother, who’s in town for the holidays. he was focused on cleaning a whole bunch of feeding bottles. about a week ago, he and his family sailed in from roxas city where he works as a medrep, and the house hasn’t been the same since. when i was a lot younger, there were many instances when i begrudged my brother because he was a bossy eldest child who all too often took on the role of the father even when my dad was still very much around. things have changed quite a lot since then, and most especially since jam arrived.

realizing that very little can be done to deal with the decisions of biology, and realizing as well that science is an all too costly alternative, my brother and his wife decided to adopt a child. at first, my brother and i had lengthy discussions about the process of adoption. he was asking me about a way to abbreviate the procedure, and i said i knew of none, except perhaps to resort to a simulation of births, which is a crime, by the way. he said he wanted to go legal about it, but he wanted a legal shortcut. and i insisted i wasn’t aware of any, except the procedure outlined in the law on domestic adoption.

i am unaware whether the adoption papers of the new addition to the family has had the stamp of judicial approval, but regardless of that, jam has been a source of happiness for us all. i also think he’s done quite a lot of good to my brother, who i didn’t think would make a good father, until now. i don’t think there’s anything embarrassing about the fact that one’s adopted. i’ve always said that while many kids are just unplanned accidents of their parents’ urges, an adopted child is a deliberate choice of his or her adoptive parents. but really, we don’t even think of that. all we know is that jam has certainly changed the texture and the mood of the household, and i am officially an uncle who’s extremely afraid of dropping a hyperactive one-year old. wait, i think i did that already.

and because i have difficulty sleeping, i might as well continue...

saturday afternoon, after i helped out my mom to bake cookies, i left for san miguel church in malacañang. my classmates, roselle and bong, were getting married. initially i had no plans of attending the wedding ceremony because i’m not catholic and it always looks weird when you don’t participate in all those rituals, so i decided to be fashionably late only in time to see the part where the priest says: you may now kiss the bride. in spite of having taken public transport to malacañang, i still managed to witness a huge part of the ceremony. many of my classmates were there, and i repeated that old joke about taking drugs when they commented about my weight.

the reception was at the puerto real gardens in intramuros. the setting was lavish and dreamy. surrounded by those century-old walls, the garden was bathed in soothing bright lights as laughter and good cheer flowed from the many tables. we had a lot of catching up to do. mynes and schiera hosted the reception, and thanks to me, mynes almost missed the start of the program. but thanks to me as well, we made it just in time. it’s always fun to be around my classmates, because i am anything but unamazed at how i’ve witnessed these people grow from immature 20-somethings, to still immature knocking-on-thirties. glads is pregnant again. ana said she wants to lose weight like me, but doesn’t want to do anything physical. dar is wearing his thinning hair with a lot of dignity. and everyone’s just aglow, even those who are not in love.

after i finished eating, but while the program continued, i left quickly for another party. johnbee arranged a spanish-themed, formal, sit-down christmas dinner party at his place in guijo. the attire was strictly boxers (twas my suggestion), and sangria was overflowing. even after having had my fill at intramuros, i still could not resist helping myself to johnbee’s production number. i mean, that evening’s feast was a winner: a tuesday group presentation, if you will. my panyero’s culinary skills are not to be ignored, nor should his attention to even the smallest detail be left unmentioned. my compliments to the chef. the michaelangelo’s david apron must’ve helped a lot.

even after having around 10 glasses of sangria and around 3 cans of strong ice beer, i still wasn’t even near being drunk. this disappointed me a little, but i suppose if i were a little less in control of my senses, i would’ve contributed to the havoc which dennis wreaked on me. he must’ve been possessed or he must’ve forgotten to take his medication because there’s no other way to describe his attacks but pure madness. he pinned me down on the floor, did the sleeper hold on me, and kept saying, “give up ka na?” i don’t even know how the horseplay started, but he just sort of pounced on me even while i was already about to fall asleep. and then he called me up twice today to ask how i was. guilty bastard. i said you’d better get yourself a good lawyer because i’m suing. but what’s my cause of action?

just had a long chat with lowell on yahoo today. i’d post our conversation but too many censorable things were said.
Adoption is a wonderful thing. My younger sister is adopted. It's a fact, but one that's generally forgotten. I remember when she had her first son. His ears stuck out a bit, and I said "oh, he must have gotten that from dad." She looked at me, laughed, and replied "mmm, I don't think so."
i agree. couples who choose to adopt because they cannot have a child of their own aren't necessarily blessed less. i remember when the child was first brought to us. one of the first observations my mom made was to look for features which resembled either my brother or his wife. now, after six months, i have to agree that he is starting to look a lot like my brother and my sister-in-law. yes, the fact of adoption is one that's generally forgotten. :D