some post-colonial thoughts

i'm jubilant despite the philippines' poor showing in the olympics. i am celebrating the end of american arrogance, particularly in basketball, where they've reigned unopposed for a number of olympiads, ever since they've started forming dream teams. the US dream team for athens 2004, however, was locked in a nightmare. they lost to unheralded puerto rico, the tough lithuanian team, and the eventual gold medal winners, argentina. the gold is in the bag, said one dream team supporter. i think he may have been referring to the women's basketball team.

i've harbored some anti-american sentiments for some time now, which is a complete turn around from what one would normally expect from a third worlder dreaming of the ever elusive american greencard. i must admit though that when i was younger and did not know better, i also was infected with the colonial mentality disease. but then i've started rethinking my idea that america is the best place in the world. eventually, i was able to find a word which would more or less express my current state of mind: post-colonial. before i am misconstrued as simply reversing discrimination, let me just say that i have nothing against americans. i think there are a lot of american people who are ok. but it is america as an institution which can really suck big time. american sentiments sort of bring us back to galileo's time: americans think that the universe revolves around their country. that's pretty arrogant indeed.

anyway, cheers to all who may have humbled arrogant america.