visiting hours

confinedmy mom is in the hospital. early yesterday, my dad rushed her to the FEU medical center here in fairview because her face and other parts of her body were swollen. i was still asleep when they left the house, but my mom said that at her worst, she looked like a monster on a horror show, and i laughed at the idea because i don’t think my mom has actually seen a horror film. i can say this now with some amount of good cheer because i dropped by my mom’s room yesterday and she was full of life, despite being limited to her bed with a tube attached to her arm. she told me that the next time there’s an emergency, someone who’s a little more in control and lot less frantic than my dad should accompany her. although there was not much cause for alarm, my dad was banging at the panic button.

i’ve never liked hospitals. they constantly remind me of disease and death. a hospital, for me, is not a place for wellness. while i am not afraid of doctors, i don’t much like them either. particularly those that are in a hurry to leave the country -- as nurses! it’s been 24 hours since my mom left for the hospital, and up until now, they don’t know what caused her face to swell. so you go to a specialist to confirm what you suspect all along. that’s why i’ve always preferred not to see doctors unless it’s absolutely necessary. i don’t like being told that what i thought was correct. i’d rather self-medicate. i once gave my hand to a reflexologist, and after pressing a few pressure points, she correctly diagnosed me of one of my persistent health issues. if only doctors were a little more like that.

my mom was actually a little ill since the day before new year’s eve (the morning i arrived from the mountains). she had a bit of a fever and rested most of the day. this meant disaster for our media noche. she always manages to whip up something special with the limited provisions she has, but since she was unable to prepare anything, we had a much simpler feast. good thing my brother and his wife were around. between me and my dad, i would’ve just settled for slicing the pear shaped ham. which i’ve never really liked, by the way. she got better the day after new year, but she ate something which might have caused some allergic reactions.

hope everything’s going to be ok. i told my mom the other day that mothers aren’t supposed to get sick. haha.
she is
she's back home now. in fact, she already complained to me that in the two and a half days that she's been gone, we've wrecked havoc on the house! haha. that's what you get when you leave three guys in a house. thanks jae. at least now, i can start looking forward to home cooked meals. but i'll let my mom rest for a while longer before i pester her about that. i might take her out this weekend. hehe.