i'm 28 years old

it is my 28th birthday today. i was roused early this morning when my cellphone's message alert tone went off. a series of text messages had arrived. people gave their cursory greetings to an otherwise uneventful day. for a number of years now, birthdays have been meaning less and less to me. it is not because i do not celebrate my birthday. no, that is not the cause, rather that is the result. i once told someone, why should i celebrate a day which brings me closer to old age, and death? i failed to see it as a celebration of all the beautiful days i've spent with my friends and loved ones.

this birthday was no different. i finally got out of bed at around 9 to say thank you to everyone who remembered. by that time, my mom was already busy preparing a hearty lunch. i was thankful, but i found it all unnecessary. i had no plans to celebrate. no frills. but the entire family, save myself, was involved in preparing a small feast, since i would not have lifted a finger to have anything special.

in spite of that, i don't pity myself, or think that i have such a pathetic existence. it's just that i'm different. i'm not traditional. i'm not stereotypical. but i was sincerely happy that there were a handful of people who remembered, and remembered to say happy birthday in the medium now so popular. i even received messages from folks i hardly expected to hear from.

as the last few minutes of my 28th year breeze past, recent events have got me thinking. i haven't made any conclusions just yet. i hope that these realizations would be revealed to me in due time.
belated happy birthday. i feel exactly the same way, except i suppose i have the added tension from the ticking of the tell-tale ovaries. pretty much the same thing happened at my birthday a couple of months ago.
hey thanks. haha. i'd say i know what you mean, but i haven't got ovaries. but here's a disgusting thought... i've seen my mom's uterus. they were removed a long time ago and they were kept in a bottle. absolutely gross. that was so surreal though, because i saw the place where i spent 9 months. they say the uterus is supposed to be a really nice, comfortable place. but seen through a bottle filled with some dark colored liquid, it was something else. belated as well. i hope you get to resolve the tension.