among other things

i got a little excited the other day when i was told that i could pick up my check for the photos that made it to colors, and immediately, i thought of things to buy or people to treat. i think there is a lesson here somewhere about not counting chicks, because the minute i held the check, i was disappointed to an unimaginable degree. it was a pathetic P1,500. all of a sudden, i forgot about the tech pants i wanted to get, because the check wasn’t going to get me anything beyond new briefs and probably a pair of socks. that day had the potential of turning out really sour because i also went to get my PTR and pay for my IBP dues in preparation for getting a new notarial commission for quezon city. the supreme court’s new rules make it a tad more difficult for fly-by-night operators to hold notarial offices under trees and at waiting sheds, but “making it more difficult” meant making the process a little more prohibitively priced. i have to invest an initial P6,000 plus just to get the blasted commission! i better recoup my expenses with my first document, else i’d be poor for life! so the next time i charge huge amounts to notarize that affidavit, blame it on the supreme court.

but my trip to colors wasn’t all that bad. i got to preview the layout for my “batanes is in the heart” article. i must say that i have seen few things prettier than my 20 page spread! the following day, during the colors creative team get-together, honey said she loved it so much, she’ll nominate it for a kalakbay award. hehe. i am rather proud of that article, and even more proud of how richard did the layout. our get-together at honey’s place in tandang sora was well attended. and anson contributed fried chicken from sincerity in binondo. all of a sudden i have a craving for the restos in this part of chinatown. the pictures jeryc took of their binondo food safari were seriously edible. speaking of jeryc, he was happy to report that he’s been appointed the ed in chief of a new sports and fitness mag to be published by summit. how cool is that! i hope i can sneak in a few of my articles in this new glossy baby.

the colors staff is not a bunch of money-driven word-churners. they’re really more interested in the glory of the byline. of course, it pays if you get paid, because the money will fund the next independently-footed travel, but that’s been a problem with colors of late. we haven’t been getting paid on time. hay!

the previous friday, just after my grievous disappointment at colors, and while i was comforting myself with my favorite comfort food: sugarhouse’s turtle pie, i all of sudden got a call from zean. how weird is that! zean, the photographer/travel writer/jazz dancer/scuba diver/marine biologist was thinking of a personal project he’d like to call heograpiya. it’s a travel journal which would like to shift the usual focus of travel publications from the “itinerized” journeys, to people, places, and experiences. he’d like to have more insightful and introspective explorations of destinations. and so he immediately thought that i might be able to contribute much of what he wants into his big dreams, and has invited me as associate editor. i like the idea, of course. i just worry about whether this is something we could pull off. i do seriously hope he finds funding for this.

before all these took place, i was hauled back to sidebar café in malate. the gang was there, and early into the night, i had a friendly beer drinking contest with jay catanghal, admittedly my mentor in the vice department, and i rather successfully proved that i was the much stronger drunkard, after finishing two successive bottles of san mig strong ice in one long gulp. i may have won the challenge, but i was so totally wiped out by this exercise. and i had less than 5 bottles too. i have absolutely hazy ideas of the other things which took place that night. all i remember is waking up at eric’s place, surrounded by complete strangers. who are these people! miracle of miracles though is that i still managed to get home. i was so wasted that night, i wouldn’t be totally surprised if a nude video of a wasted me would come out soon. it is always better to be drunk around people you trust. now do i trust those guys? we’ll find out soon enough! they were talking about pictures while i was still nursing a really bad headache, so we’ll see how the pics turn out.