wedding season

so many friends getting married. which shouldn’t surprise anyone because my generation’s knocking on 30. yesterday night, i was lightly scrubbing the padded shoulders of my suit with a moist hanky. dust had gathered, and i hadn’t managed to send it to the dry cleaner. i had worn this only once before: a day after i passed the bar! but not to celebrate. i hosted the winlaw ball. i suddenly pulled my suit out of dormancy because i was invited to attend the wedding of froi and cecile: former officemates and batchmates from law school. i ditched the ceremony, and went straight to skyline restaurant in world trade center. i came around 30 minutes before everyone else, so in order to kill time, i nursed a bottle of san mig at pier 1, while scribbling some random thoughts on the new notebook i bought from booksale.

the wedding reception was intimate, because we were all boxed in the venue. i spent the night sharing my thoughts on the hosts, the guys who sang, the guys who gave testimonials, and everything else. i swear if my voice were any louder, i would’ve gotten in a fight. froi and his priest brother are halves of a whole. wow. cecile glowed beautifully. the evening was very highly relaxed, and froi still managed to sneak in some jokes when he thanked everyone. that was a fun night. why can’t more couples be like that!

* * *

i had back to back dance classes at the gym before i went to the reception. first, hip hop, then jazz. i did both on an empty stomach, and i was trembling a little because of hunger. now my body is hurting a little. i was supposed to work out today but i felt a little sick. a bit dizzy in fact. until now, i can tell i’m not completely well. hope i get better tomorrow. on wednesday, i’m leaving for infanta, quezon, to check out the damage and try to gather evidence against some big-time illegal loggers. finally! an exposure trip!
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Dancer ka pala dude!!! Hahaha. Where do you take lessons? The only lessons I had were the social dance classes I took as PE in UP. :)
the entry should've read:

i had two back to back...

yup. mahilig talaga akong magsayaw. nanalo na ako sa isang three hour dance marathon. at nung kasal, nasa likod lang namin yung pianist, so on my way to the buffet table, i was doing some moves kasi danceable yung tinutugtog nya. aba! nung break nya ay hinarass ako ng mama! kept calling me DI. haha. funny.

i have my classes at the gym: fitness first. gusto ko na nga rin matuto ulit mag social dance eh. knowledge of swing is always great with the girls. :D
I know about 4 or 5 basic swing steps. That's all I retained. If only I had that "skill" in high school... Hahaha!!!
"so many friends getting married."

I know the feeling! And I'm only 4 years away from 30.
all these guys in a hurry to give up their freedoms! i just don't get it... hehe.