loggers beware

secretary michael t defensor has flip-flopped about 4 times already. and this is just concerning the time we're supposed to leave for infanta, quezon. i'm not too sure whether i would be of much use there, but i'm preparing for this trip as though it were a climb. i'm taking my gore tex boots, because the places we're visiting are still under at least a foot of mud. landslides can be a bitch. we're staying at club manila east pacific resort. don't be cowed. the typhoons have done quite a lot of damage to it. i hope we get enough evidence to nail some of these sons-of-bitches, although in all honesty, i think much of this is all for show.

* * *

just came from johnbee's place. signed a proxy form and got my copy of the SC's new rules governing notaries public. all i can say is: what the fudge was the SC thinking when it came up with these impossible rules! terribly difficult and terribly expensive to hold a commission. it's worse than i thought! goodness, i'd better charge P300 per affidavit. and i'm not even sure i might get one because i haven't complied with MCLE! i'm definitely looking for an alternative career. so which should it be?
was also thinking of applying for a commission but the new rules are so damn stringent. i should've applied the year before those rules came out. not sure if they're retroactive though. i suppose not.

as much as i don't want to think the same way about MTD's efforts, sadly i do. when he was chair of HUDCC, i didn't see much improvement in the government's socialized housing programs. most especially with the NHA mafia still in place. we're actually pushing for a Land Administration Reorganization Act (LARA) which seeks to streamline the government's Housing Administrative Machineries (remember the HAMs?). but of course you can expect the intense objection coming from certain people. yeesh. we're also pushing for the creation of a DHUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development), but you could also imagine the NHA's rally against this. masisira kasi racket nila sa pangongotong (mga bwiset sila). finally, we're also pushing for a National Land Use Act (NLUA) so that our conflicting land policies can be unified and harmonized. in fact the NLUA Bill has been pending since the 9th congress. i think it's one of the bills akbayan's supporting (ask mayong). btw, i had a breakfast meeting with mayong, barry and my saligan mates to discuss the north rail rehabilitation project because several demolitions are underway. hope to catch you in those meetings. :)
i'm in really deep sh*t because of this. i honestly thought my old firm would take care of it since they have all my stubs. turns out that they didn't lift a finger at all! would i be chastised? i mean, i still took all the units before the deadline. just didn't manage to submit the certificates. and about the new regulations on notarial practice, it's awful! i've never seen anything this difficult.

now, about MTD, wait'll you read my next entry. sheesh!
what i know of the MCLE, compliance is up to dec.31 (so iguess you're ok there). deadline for SUBMISSION of the certificates is JAN.15, hurry!!!! :)