Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

banahaw dreaming

tuesday found me speeding for majayjay, laguna, to attend the PAMB meeting of MBSCPL. i’ve never previously heard of this place except from friends who’ve spoken about a certain taytay falls. this is precisely where i was going, but how i was supposed to get there was still a mystery. i started out early in the morning, and in spite of my efforts, and owing to the fact that this place is just so far away, i was late for the meeting by an hour and a half. which was not a problem, because by the time i took my seat, the meeting had just begun.

there were a lot of issues which prolonged the discussion of “the previous agenda”, which more or less makes meetings like this utterly futile. other than allowing for the members to be aware of the existence of other members, hardly anything beyond making TWGs and sub committees gets accomplished. only around 2 resolutions were actually made, and everything else was for further study. my part was lumped along with the “other matters”, so after lunch, i snuck out of the barangay hall and proceeded to look for the famed taytay falls. i was told that it was around 30 minutes away, but i was back in less than an hour, even after spending time around the pool, and after a brief sidetrip to the other trails branching out elsewhere. had i persisted on the muddy trail downstream, i would’ve ended up in the foothills of banahaw itself.

taytay falls isn’t as concealed and inaccessible as i would’ve wished, and i could imagine that it must look really ugly on weekends and during the summer. the day i was there, a troop of city folk walking on clogs and heeled slippers was leaving after a swim, and near the falls itself were around 4 tents. there are other small campsites in the area, and even a few toilets, but i would much rather prefer to be away from the madding crowd.

when i returned to the barangay hall, they were already rushing the other matters in the agenda, as everyone was most interested in going home. i had a few minutes to say my piece and they promptly acceded to my request. before i left, one of the barangay councilors offered me a shot of lambanog. it was very good lambanog, i must say. i hitched a ride with other DENR folks, and we passed by liliw and nagcarlan. it was like a laguna tour. there are just far too many things to see in these islands.
Tags: denr, laguna, taytay falls
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