Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

nanalo nga pala ang barangay ginebra kings!

ginebra is in the finals of the philippine conference of the PBA, and i was surfing channels while the last few minutes of the game was going because i couldn’t stand the excitement. i swear if i were there, i’d have a nervous breakdown. weird thing is, i don’t really care much for basketball, except when it’s ginebra, or when it’s the UP maroons. i mean, i don’t know 98% of players in the NBA, and who else is in the finals of the PBA, basta panalo lang ang ginebra. i wish i could say the same for the maroons. speaking of which, i saw a couple of players in the gym last week and i spoke to one of them. he kept calling me sir, and introduced himself. “kenneth nga pala sir.” “yeah i know,” i replied. “you’re kenneth robin.” poor guy can’t play anymore.

now i remember writing down somewhere that one of the things i’d like to do for the year is to watch a PBA game, live. that was 2004. i hope i could do that this year. and soon!
Tags: barangay ginebra kings, basketball, pba, spectator sports
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