lazy bones

last friday, my boss asked me if he could call me during the weekend, and i said sure. and then he asked another question, which had a rather predictable conclusion: that they’d ultimately be asking me to come to the office to do more unpaid overtime work, and i quite bluntly said: “sorry sir, but i’ll be out of town.” and all he could say was, “ah, ganun ba?” san ka pa? if i had done the same thing to one of my previous bosses, i’d sure be given my marching papers.

out of town meant laiya in batangas. jerome invited me to his birthday celebration with his non-mountaineer friends, and although i had a ton of other ideas, i just could not decline. there were around 20 of us, and quite a few girls, actually, who were absolutely no help in preparing the meals. the guys took care of kindling the coals and stoking the fire, whilst the girls bitched about one thing or the other. the meals were sort of just dumped onto large banana leaves, and we all put in our hands, washed or otherwise, to partake of the bounty. this is some kind of a rural ritual, meant to make people who share the meals closer, but it didn’t quite work for me. the following day, i skipped breakfast and hitched a ride with johnbee and the rest.

the following week at work was toxic, in a laid-back government sort of way. i had to report to at least 2 bosses who have a line-up of tasks for me to do. these things prevented me from doing anything fruitful, although last tuesday, having finished with my workout at the gym earlier than usual, i all of a sudden decided to see a movie at the gateway mall in araneta center, cubao. i wanted to see “phantom” or maybe some other film, but settled for “meet the fockers” since it was probably on its last week. it was amusing, although many times i cringed in my seat because the antics were really pretty low. but i enjoyed it nonetheless.

on my way home, i passed by go nuts to buy a few donuts when i received a phone call from d_authority. he said he had just seen me pass by. and so i went to meet him. i’ve known jae for over a year now, but our interaction has largely been online, and i’m glad that we’ve finally gotten to see each other in person. funny is that i actually did pass him by, and the one thing i noticed was the iPod on the table, and i immediately thought, “aba meron din ako nyan.” i had seen him before, outside JG summit in ayala, scrolling through TIME’s machine of the year, but we’ve never actually had any time to hang out. our conversations, however, would belie the fact that we’ve never met, because we knew so much about each other. he asked about my mom, and i asked about his interview, and he asked how my trip to tuguegarao was, and i said how’s your new TV. since we’re both linked to each other’s blogs, we get to be really intimate with each other without having any real, physical contact. jae is a lot of fun, even in person. i kept telling him that his blog often sends me rolling over with laughter. well, maybe not, but he’s still a riot. it’s amazing how reading other people’s blogs opens windows to their lives, and you feel somehow that you’re connected.

it’s probably the same thing with michiko622 who shared the same jeepney with me many weeks ago. she was taking her daughter to ballet class. the little girl was in a pink tutu and i sneaked in a sly smile when i saw that. i didn’t know for sure if it was in fact her, because i’ve only seen her friendster pic and i didn’t know her daughter was already that big. but i received a message from her saying, “i think i saw you but i’m not sure” or something to that effect. i confirmed her initial suspicion. turned out that it was my TNFs which sort of turned me in.

i don’t really know why, but i’ve been terribly lazy of late. yesterday, i went to the SC to get my certifications and my bar notebooks (will write about that in a separate entry), then bumped into mildred in robinson’s place manila where i had palpitations. for the rest of the afternoon, i was really sort of sleepy and dizzy at the same time. but that did not stop me from meeting some sierra folks at the fort. i wanted to avoid riding buses but i had to meet mar and ogz’s because i’d be playing the part of porter for people from intel.

i hope my lazy spell blows over come monday. i’d be very busy with my petition for a notarial commission, and a lot of other things. and i really have to write about my bar notebooks. i never realized i could be that funny in such a nerve-wracking situation.