some updates

it is a little uncharacteristic of me to be failing to report the events that have taken place in my life for a string of days when i have neither been away nor disconnected. during my last entry, i said that i have, of late, been rather sluggish, for no particular reason which should merit any further explanation. i just recall returning home from my climb to gulugod baboy with 41 terribly excited newbies from epson lipa (not intel, as i had earlier said, although you get the connection -- both names are IT-related), feeling very tired, that i slept through the finals of “starstruck”.

the climb, though, wasn’t anywhere near the exhausting exercises that i have willingly exposed myself to of late, and i did have some fun in batangas. i must confess that i have never seen that many awkwardly dressed “mountaineers.” conquer and montanara must’ve made a killing when many of these guys (95% of whom have never previously climbed anything above the number of storeys in their building) wore very new, albeit ill-fitting packs which they inexpertly hauled onto their backs. while others had enough spare cash to invest in a pair of outdoor shoes, others exposed their basketball shoes and running sneakers to the torments of the short hike. i was, as always, dressed to summit halcon. stuffed with my impossibly heavy tent, i led a group of 7 individuals who pleaded for rest every 3 minutes. one girl swore her vision was blacking out after only about 20 minutes, when her entire load wasn’t nearly as burdensome as the tent which was settled at the bottom of my pack. the many many rest stops we took was not something i am wont to do, but i had to stick with my group till we reached the campsite. what a bunch of slowpokes. even on my first time, when i heaved a bag up mt pulag that was heavy enough to either kill me or inflict some serious damage, i wasn’t such a whining sloth!

we camped at the other side of gulugod (because the epson people were too tired to go on), different from the previous campsite during my first training climb with sierra. it was a little lower, and with only a view of sombrero island on balanga bay. batangas bay was on the other side, but the views were restricted by the rainclouds which visited us throughout the night. the epson people are a fortunate lot, because their company had donated more than P60k to their outdoor adventure. with the moolah, they bought four tents, several cooksets, an equal number of stoves and lamps, plus sleeping bags and butane canisters.

early into the night, i found myself sneaking into mar’s tent where i spent the next few hours circulating my plastic nalgene jigger while it rained steadily outside. the tent was also populated by some really unflatteringly plain-looking girls. mike adik was making the moves on one of them, though i doubt if he succeeded beyond touching the woman’s knees. he is apparently worse than his reputation. i later went out to sleep at the other mike’s home-made tent. that mike brandished his thermarest and i promised to get one for myself soon, even as i slowly drifted to sleep accompanied by the the steady snoring of a guy in a neighboring tent.

the following morning, fog was all around, and there was no point to go up to the summit to look around, so shortly after breakfast (my group threw several cups of instant soups into our pantry area, and i was seriously aghast), after i made my rounds displaying my absolute lack of professional integrity (i’m more a comedian than a lawyer, and i find it funny, but ultimately irritating that people disbelieve i am an attorney simply because i am young... nonetheless, it is always a source of flattery when people say that they cannot -- for the life of them -- imagine that i am a straight-laced, buttoned-down, stuck-up vanguard of justice, simply because i am, well, for lack of a better word, too cool), we started our descent. lunch was arranged at anilao, and i prepared sisig for my group, although for the most part, i was just barking out orders. i took a quick dip in the beach, and while the epson folks don’t exactly hold IQs to qualify them to mensa, they helped me discover a funny thing about motor responses: that even the most macho right handed man will throw like a girl with his left.

after lunch, ogz’s and i left promptly for home, and i was back by 6pm. i slept really early. around 8pm, if i recall correctly, just after we had dinner. it was my dad’s birthday, and my mom prepared a small feast: baked chicken and a whole lot of bico. they were expecting to receive a few guests the following day, and even as i decided to lay in bed, my mom was still busy preparing her famous baked spaghetti.

on monday, i had a hearing in the morning, so when i showed up at the office all dressed up, the legal services people, who are used to seeing me in a shirt and jeans, asked what the occasion was. in the afternoon, i moderated a sympo on restorative justice in UP, and the whole concept was just overwhelmingly new. it was far too radical that resistance would be imminent. while i deeply appreciated the subject, i felt that there was some intrinsic difficulty in it since you can’t legislate mercy, compassion, forgiveness... although strangely, the family code legislated love. trust and fidelity can actually be legislated, but i am getting too far ahead of myself.

right now, i am here in emerald avenue, waiting for honey gee to show up. she’s asked me to come over as she has some need for my lawyerly skills, not like i have much to share. i just came from the grocery to do some shopping for my trip to the ifugao villages with jay, and sadly, everyone else in my sierra batch has turned down his invitation because they’re more interested in spending the long weekend relaxing. funny is that i tried to pacify a brewing argument among them precisely because of this. oh well. some people are less interested in discovery as others.
people say that they cannot -- for the life of them -- imagine that i am a straight-laced, buttoned-down, stuck-up vanguard of justice, simply because i am, well, for lack of a better word, too cool

hahahahaha this kills me :D
does it kill you because you don't agree? hehe.

well, "cool" was the word they used given their less than latinate vocabularies, although i think that it may just have been a euphemism for something like, "that guy's sick in the mind", or something similar. either way i really won't argue. i'm sane enough to admit i'm not completely sane. did that make much sense?
well my first notion of you was as a straight-laced, buttoned down, stuck up collegian writer, it was only later that i found out you were cool, a word which here means "climbing up mountains every weekend in funky shoes." and your shades are cool too :D