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my phone conked out last week without much drama. i was holding it in my hand when it displayed a message: will restart, it said, and then that was it. it would neither charge nor turn on, despite the prayers and rituals that i have subjected it to.

so since i left for the ifugao villages trek last thursday, i haven’t managed to keep in touch with anyone through this medium. and i have to admit that it is a little liberating. i know a lot of people will say that they cannot survive a day or two without their mobiles, but i am different. i would probably be better off without one. of course, there is this possibility that i may have missed out on a handful of opportunities. but based on my experience, all i’ve probably passed up on are invitations to gimiks, some legal inquiries from friends, a few cheesy forwards, and not much else. add to that the fact that none of my bosses are able to conveniently locate me should i not be found in the office. so although i can very well have the phone fixed, or decide to get a new one (as i am supposed to, based on smart’s retention program), i’ve decided that i can survive on a landline, internet connection, and a good book.

my only concern really is that people may be sending me messages, and construe my failure to reply as some form of snobbery. there really isn’t any way for me to inform them of my current predicament, because their contact details were zapped as well. oh well...
Are you keeping the same number? Let me know when I can contact you through your cellphone again. :)
yes. still the same number. every now and then i borrow my mom's phone and i insert my sim for a few minutes waiting for text messages to arrive. few actually do, so i suppose not too many people are looking for me. hehe.