itching to climb

i am itching to climb. if we had not scheduled another climb to mt. amuyao next week, i would've packed my bags and gone alone. i have everything i need, and more than enough space in my spacious tent. but i'm not the only one with the longing. so finally, we had our pre-climb at gamboa this evening, not after an hour traipsing around the carpark. i've been most unlucky today as i was bothered by not a few aches and pains, which prevented me from keeping pace with the bunch. i had preferred to walk for a few minutes, and took baby steps instead.

earlier today, i went to the denr to inquire about some available job openings for lawyers. the need of the department for one is apparently dire as i was hired on the spot. highly qualified, my interviewer said. and i could not quite disagree. the job is rather attractive. unfortunately, i cannot say the same for the pay. it would be a huge sacrifice on my part to take this job, but it just might be my calling. i also asked about the ombudsman opening. i was ticked off by the avalanche of requirements. it felt like working for a fastfood chain.

tomorrow (or is it later?), i'll be making more inquiries. my savings are all but spent and i have to get my act together and work, lest i find myself an artist in the real sense: suffering. i guess two months of idleness is sufficient to finally realize what i want... but then again, a whole lifetime may not answer that question. oh dear. what is wrong with me?
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highly qualified, my interviewer said. and i could not quite disagree.

Classic Alman.
haha. but of course! you can expect more of those things from me.

hey. do you personally know the guy behind
In a sense. Hehe. When I was in college, I was at his birthday party. I also recently saw him at Fete de la Musique at Eastwood. Other than that (apart from random sightings), it's been online.