listening to mariah

here’s alexander, loading mariah’s latest CD to my iBook. i can’t say i’m a huge fan of mariah, but warren is. “she is like my favourite artist, ever!” he said, and what that statement needed was a flick of the fingers, really.
alexander at friendly's
for dinner today, my mom cooked some of the crabs the DENR CARAGA officials had us take home. once she sat at the table, she looked at the plate of crabs with a tinge of dejection. “i’m scared,” she said, and i thought she meant the crabs might still be alive. my mom’s hypertensive and she asked me to scoop out the good stuff before she went about the very meticulous way of eating these things.
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oh does he? i didn't notice. oo nga ano. haha. probably because he's been away for far too long and he forgot to bring a nail cutter. one thing i've noticed about these caucasians is that they don't really give much thought to their nails. like chris in batad (refer to my entry on that). if the picture were any bigger, you'd notice that he had really awful toenails. i dunno. it must be a white man's burden of some sort.
Am I weird? Haha. I notice these things. Like your nails...long (but doesn't go over the skin) and flat. Bwahaha.