mountain log

i’ll be attempting halcon for a second time next week, this time with my AMCI friends. the trail is different from the traditional trail, as it dissects the mayabig-paitan trail. a story on the trek was published in “metroactive” some time ago, although i don’t think it talks about the utter difficulty of this trek. because the trail has since been abandoned, it’s likely that it’s disappeared, erased by halcon’s pristine vegetation. so there will be some hacking, and some guesswork. intuition and guts will play a huge part in this trek, not to mention a lot of luck. we just finished our pre-climb last wednesday, and we each were given some reminders in preparation for the climb. after the meeting, we sped to digi cafe, and i hardly got to notice the time, as we discussed a lot about rape. not surprisingly, i have talked about the subject with many of my friends outside of law school, and it is interesting how people conceive the idea of this crime, and how they react to things like consent, carnal knowledge, and the like. they were particularly shocked about the 12 year old cut-off. anyway, with more than 3 stallions, i went home really stoned.

yesterday, i also did a lot of things. got my backpack replacement, so i now i have a brand new deuter ACT lite 50+10. the 2005 model! it’s really cool if you know stuff about consumer rights. that, bundled with my discussions on rape, annulments, and succession, law school wasn’t so useless after all. i also took seriously the need to carboload for the halcon climb. went to greenhills for the opening of a restaurant, then went to delight’s bar thanksgiving where old and new friends popped by, and then went on to xaymaca a few strides away to join other AMCI friends who were there to listen to brown man revival. marga, tin, and melay were positively smitten by dino, the atypical vocalist of the reggae group. the percussionist was an absolute bundle of energy, and was so much fun to watch. he seems to be feeling it -- every beat -- armed as he was with an assortment of instruments, like whistles, drums, sand-filled bamboo, chymes, and many other things i can’t name, while moving his hips and bobbing his head to the music.

we finished the night with a visit to behrouz. and for the second time in the same week, i came home after 5am.