another night at baang

now this is rather rare. i’ve spent two consecutive weekends in the scathing plains of metropolitan manila, opting to rest my knees after that über difficult albeit successful climb to halcon. but i’m going to keep the lull to just two weeks as i prepare to leave again for a 3-day climb to mt ugu in nueva vizcaya and benguet. i’ve heard lots of positive feedback about this mountain, and i’m quite excited. this is an outreach activity which, for lack of any more creativity, is called big brother big sister. i’ve harbored some doubts about the project’s name, really, and not its noble intentions, only because i think there are some syntax errors and context issues there. the correct way of saying it is “be a big brother or a big sister to this kid or that kid.” even that is a little problematic still, because the addition of the adjective big is supposed to connote, not size, but opportunity and circumstance. and since many of us are sensitive about age, it wasn’t named, older brother older sister. that would have sounded really awful. would elder have been better? it would have been more successful, i think, if we just opted for the vernacular. “nakatatandang kapatid” sounds infinitely better, and big brother translates to kuya, which is just one word. anyway, i’m getting ahead of myself, and why should i split hairs when regardless of how this project is called, it’s still well worth the time and effort, and it’s definitely a cause that’s admirable. now whoever said that mountaineers have absolutely no sense of social responsibility?

what makes this climb doubly exciting, really, is the fact that we’re not just carrying supplies for the children of the sitios in the foothills of mt ugu, but we’re also going to camp out. that’s why we have an extra day. and we’ve gotta be insane and a half, since we’re bringing the supplies with us. i still haven’t rationalized my load, something i should be doing if i still want to make it to the summit before the sun sets. and i don’t think this particular climb will be easy in so far as the weight of our packs is concerned since i can tell we’re going to be breaking our backs just on the meal plan! i’ve been assigned to do the marketing for our food, and i had to do it the AMCI way, which is synonymous to not scrimping. i remember while in halcon, i praised AMCI because it doesn’t rob people when it does guided climbs, but goodness, the budget for the meal planning is through the roof! so i made sure that my friends won’t find fault in my decisions to revise the meal plan. i was trying to make sure that they will neither want, nor go hungry. but for a feast of this magnitude, they’d have to suffer! of course, my mom, in spite of her violent objections to my outdoor activities, has so graciously agreed to share her culinary talents with my team. i think i’m some sort of a GL, but i’ve never been high on titles and designations.

speaking of AMCI, i have been spending many a waking hour with these guys these past few days, and i’ve consistently been going home long after midnight, and just before daybreak. there was a time i was like this while i was training in sierra, and i recall being so amazingly drunk 4 days in a row. and the training hasn’t even started. i can only imagine when it does, i’d probably be a zombie. not that i don’t appreciate the constant invites. i am privileged, always, to be in the great company of men and women of quality, but still, i can’t quite shake off this thing about me being an outsider made privy to the secrets of an inner circle. it sort of makes you a little queasy and uncomfortable, because there’s the risk that other people might think me too presumptuous, hobnobbing and parrying heavy-handed jokes with guys who i’ve only known recently. in fact, at the photo exhibit in greenbelt, i was handing out fliers and enticing people to join (”let’s train together” or “be my fellow trainee”, i usually said). i didn’t volunteer to do it. i was sort of asked. well at least everyone within the immediate area is a friend, the kind who will likely not think ill about my altruism.

anyway, i’ve already gotten into a bit of trouble because i talk about my experiences on this blog, and while i haven’t done a lot of promoting, there are apparently a lot of people reading it, and i’ve already been warned to not go into the sordid details when i write down my thoughts. which is weird really, because i haven’t written anything that’s intentionally damaging, and i only talk about stuff that i’ve perceived and experienced. i don’t remember repeating hearsay, or spreading rumor, knowing all too well the elements of libel, but despite my innocent narration, i’ve been told to talk less, or at least, to be more abstract. now this is being abstract and general, and it’s a little constricting. i really can’t please everyone. and i can’t help paying too close attention to details. it’s my nature.
Drunk every night?
1. Pasalamat ka ako magdadala ng buong tent :P

2. I thought your drinking buddies said you had just a couple of bottles of San Mig light?

3. Thanks for not writing the details about my sleazy Singapore adventure...


Re: Drunk every night?
1. hoy francis, kung pinagsama mo yung stove at cookset ko, di hamak na mas mabigat yun sa tent mo. :D

2. i didn't have a couple... i had 4 bottles. not enough to make me drunk. on other nights, i down stallions and 500ml bottles of red horse. o di kaya strong ice. tingnan natin kung tatagalan mo yun. hehe.

3. your sleazy singapore adventure is your story to tell, not mine. right?
Re: Drunk every night?
1. di dyan ka matulog sa stove at cookset mo. :P :P :P HAHAHAHAHA

2. konti lang 4 bottles, not enough to get me drunk

3. hehehe

-- Francis
I usually read friends's posts through my friends page but I decided to take an overall look at your journal. Shet, Alman...I swear, pag pumayat na ako, you MUST, MUST, MUST take me to all these places.
believe me paloys. you don't have to lose that much weight to get to many of these places. as long as you're healthy and can walk a few steps at a time, i can take you on any of these trips (well, maybe not halcon). and since we're both flat broke, we can't afford vacaciones grande, it's best we do it the way backpackers do. :D